The Zoo

So I never got around to posting some pictures from our trip to the Zoo the other weekend. 🙂 Let me remedy that with this post. Oh and just so you know, I’m tackling the pantry and photo journalling that adventure as well, so stay tuned for that fun post. The cat dragged in a mouse last night when I let her in, and turned it loose in the laundry room somewhere, where also is the pantry. So now I’m really reluctant to go in there. I could hear here crashing around in there for quite awhile as she “played” with her little catch. However, my brave hubby, first on the scene this morning didn’t find the mouse. So that means it either escaped for good, or is dead in some weird place just waiting for ME to find it by accident. Ugh! That is not something I’d like to deal with today.
I was planning to lug the boys into town this morning for a “mommy’s bible study” at our church, but Qade still seems off his feed, he baptized his car seat, clothes and whatever else was close to him on our way home on Sunday. And Myles is going through this “must have mommy at all times or scream” jag. I’m blaming his teeth, but who knows??? So.. rather than risk infecting other babies with ickies or screaming I’m keeping the lads home today.
It is COLD out there today! I get the chills just going into the back room!! I think I need to stoke the fire a little bit more so I don’t turn into a popsicle! 🙂 Wimp, I know! The sun is shining beautifully, but seems to be getting very little accomplished… kinda like me. 😉
Well, without further ado, these are some of the pictures I took at the Zoo! It was a blast! Such a fun day!! The Albuquerque Zoo has a 2 mo old baby Elephant named Daisy that I’m dying to see, so perhaps our next trip will be there. Qade is still talking about the animals that he saw there. It made quite the impression on his little mind. 🙂

Here we are with the Zebra or “Ze-ba” as Qade calls it.
One of my fav Giraffe shots
Qade enjoying the Giraffes
The otter who made friends with us
Myles entertained himself by chewing on his shoes
Pretty Bird
I want a little monkey… oh wait, I already have two! 😉
Wish I could remember what this baboon thing was called. He was cool!
Walking with Grandma
It wouldn’t be a Zoo trip without seeing the Flamingos
This Baby Orangutan is a year older than Qade!
Taking it all in

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