*Yawn* What Laundry??

Someday I’m just gonna have had enough and go ahead and invent that laundry folding machine that I’m always wishing for. But since I am neither engineering or mechanically inclined, it’ll have to be a heaping helping of motivation with an elephant sized dose of good luck for that to happen. 🙂 It’s how I’ll make my millions though, because as soon as I get it, EVERYONE will want one. 😉 Yes, as I procrastinatingly type here at the computer, there is a pile of clean, dry clothes lurking behind my back. I’m sure it must be reading over my shoulder too because I can sense all it’s evil presence boring into the back of my skull. Slightly dramatic, but I don’t WANT to fold laundry! Blah! I want to sip hot chocolate or cider and sit curled up in the overstuffed chair and do NOTHING!! *sigh*
The pantry isn’t done either….

But onto other things that are more fun to think about! 😉 Me and my lads are going to visit my Mom for her birthday tomorrow!!! She knows, so I can blab about it on here. 🙂 She doesn’t know what I’m giving her though so I won’t tell. Qade is excited to see his Grandparents. It’s so fun to watch my kids enjoy being with their grandparents. It’s a huge blessing to Stuart and I to have such wonderful parents!! In a culture where marriage is falling apart, it’s nearly unheard of for the both of us to come from unbroken homes! It’s great for our kids! A wonderful heritage! So I’m looking forward to some time with my fam, and the lads are looking forward (though they don’t know it yet) to some spoiling. 🙂

Myles is on a nap strike this afternoon, which is not good news because we’re having dinner with some friends. He doesn’t do too well with a lack of sleep. Here’s hoping that he’ll sack out soon!! Before I put him down for his nap strike, we were having a wrestling session! If EVER I get down on the floor, both boys feel like it’s an open invitation to tackle mommy! 🙂 But I don’t mind! Myles kept clobbering (and slobbering) me and laugh and laugh. Then he would back up and get a really serious look on his face as if he was thinking strategy or something before launching himself at me again. I was totally laughing out loud at him. SO funny!! He’s been practicing taking more steps to Mommy and Daddy recently. He gets totally psyched out too, it’s hysterical! He has successfully taken about 3 steps in a row. Doing great!
Music has recently dawned on Myles. Qade was very “musical” from about 5 months on, and would “dance” to any music going on. Myles has seemed pretty oblivious to it until fairly recently. I got a song off of iTunes that has a very “do-wopy” sound and whenever it would come on I would snatch up Myles and dance with him. Then it got to the point where if he heard it come on he’d automatically start jiving. 😀 Very cute!! Now he dances, and often sings along, to any of the toys that play music. Plus he sings and plucks the banjo too! 🙂 Fun fun times!

Okay, fine! I’ll go fold the laundry. (grumble grumble) 😉 But seriously I am thankful for our washer/dryer!! I’m also thankful for dishwashers, but I think that the NEW one we just got has some kind of issue… so that doesn’t make me happy, but hopefully eventually it’ll be working flawlessly. 🙂 Enjoy what’s left of your Lime Green Thursday!!

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