“Ah Wike-a Pi-oh-na”

I have musical children. 🙂 Lately they amuse themselves while I fix breakfast by strumming the banjo and “singing.” Yes, they are multi-talented! The past 2 days Qade discovered that he could “turn on” our digital piano and they both love to play that as well. So much for leaving the toy keyboard at Grandmas!! 😉 Qade told us last night at dinner that he likes the “Piona.” Ha ha ha!! We’d respond with “you like the piAno?” and he’d come right back with “piona.” So I guess that’s what it’s going to be for now. Welcome to our place, home of the worlds only Piona. 😀 Kids are fun!
So since my son is so brilliant in other ways, seriously he can figure stuff out faster than I can keep up with him, then why can’t he figure out that he needs to potty IN the toilet??? I just caught him in the middle of a “poey” and he was able to “finish” in the pot, but still wrecked havoc on the unders he was wearing. Not bad enough to go in the trash though, thankfully. 🙂 We’re going to go broke buying unders AND pull-ups!! 😉 Still it does make me wonder.
So yesterday I told you all that I was going to organize the pantry. That did NOT happen. However I plan to blame it on the fact that I donated blood and was very tired after that and besides they told me not to do anything strenuous. 😉 Yep, me the needle hater, donated blood. My hubby guilted talked me into it. 😉 I’m a universal donor so I suppose it’s my “duty” to donate when I have opportunity. Hmmmm… well they won’t be back till March, so I won’t think about it till then. 😉 You’d think after having 2 babies I’d be somewhat desensitized to needles, but I HATE being poked. All of that to say, I didn’t get the pantry done. I looked at it this morning and then told Stuart that it frightens me. Every time I look in there, it seems to have grown, and I’m sure if I try to mess with it, something will eat me! 😀 But it still does need to be done…. maybe today. 😉
The curtains did get washed and hung up because it was already dark by the time they came out of the dryer. I had hoped that the dryer would do the trick on the wrinkles so I wouldn’t have to iron, but NO SUCH LUCK!! They look terrible, and funny too!! So today I must pull them all down again and iron them all out. *sigh* Now I know why I don’t do this often. Confession: I found some of last year’s Christmas Tree needles logged in the folds of one of my window sashes. 🙂 See? I don’t do this much. And I don’t care how “Martha Stuart” you are, it is SO not worth all this work more than once a year anyway! I mean, I KNOW that the curtains are all clean now, but that’s only because I washed them. You’d never know just looking. 🙂
I’m just blathering on now. It’s time for me to get the littlest monster up, and enjoy a late morning cup of coffee. I’m also going to hazard putting Qade back in unders again. One day we will conquer this!! Enjoy your Wednesday!

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