Great Imagination

Right now as I write I am enjoying gourmet cookies, some wholesome oatmeal, and other delicacies complements of my in-house chef named Qade. 🙂 He brought me a “plate” which was his Skippyjon Jones book, and he also brought me a basket full of cookies, and a car with cereal in it. 😉 What an imagination my little lad has!! This morning he had a stuffed bone from one of his animals that he was using to “brush” everyone’s hair with. Mommy’s hair, Daddy’s hair, Myles’ hair and of course his own. He would brush it, wait for his “thank-you” then respond with a hearty “Ya wecome!” Too cute!
Yesterday my day did not go as I intended. I had a HUGE list of things to do. I’m getting a late start on my Fall cleaning. Not that I want to do all of that, so procrastination has been my MO. Still, I was motivated yesterday, but instead of a huge success I kept running into problems mostly do to my potty training lad’s disasters, (YES they were disasters!! Two more unders into the trash and 3 into the washer!!) plus I was checking often for updates on Stellan. That little boy was filling my mind even as I did finally get busy on my “do it NOW” list. However, even with the messes and other interruptions I managed to get the windows washed inside AND out. Qade helped by cleaning the window that he decorated with crayon!! Arg!! I was very happy they are washable crayons! I will NOT have anything but washable crayons and markers in my house until the lads are trustworthy…. College perhaps? 😉 I also cleaned out our vehicle. It’s amazing how ickified the back seat can get with all the lad’s snacks and whatever else that gets schmoozed on the seats. It’s all vacuumed and nice looking now, even their seats! I believe I’ll take Stu’s advice and find an old sheet to cover the seat with before I put their car seats back in.
Today’s list includes washing the curtains, since it didn’t get done yesterday. I did do 3 loads of laundry, but only folded 1 so I still have that to do as well. PLUS the worst thing probably on my list is to organize the pantry. Ack!!! Not a fun job, and one I’m dreading for sure! We’ll see if it happens today. I’m kind of skeptical as it’s already 9:30 and I haven’t even started on that stuff. 😉 Blogging is so much more fun anyway!
But seriously, I should get busy. Let me tell you, I have had SO much more energy lately since I started taking the SuperMom vitamins!!! I’m sold. 😉 So off I go to take one little mess maker to the potty, preemptive strike I hope, and then to yank down the curtains. See, if I take them down I will surely get it done because I hate having no curtains up when it’s dark out. 😉
Ta-ta friends.
Oh and read this update from McMamma on Stellan. He still needs prayer for recovery, especially his little leg.

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