Pray for Stellan!!!

I’m keeping up, as fast as I’m able, with Stellan’s situation. My heart just goes out to this family. It’s weird for me to feel such an emotional connection to people whom I have NEVER and probably won’t ever meet. Still, there baby is the age of mine and that’s a close enough connection I suppose.
Anyway, Stellan went into SVT this morning right after missing his meds, and then he crashed very fast after that. He was admitted and is on IV’s and intubated, but if you want all the details go HERE and read what McMamma wrote about it. All of that to say that they may very well be moving his surgery up to tonight or tomorrow morning. Please pray for the little guy, and his brave mommy. Also pray that his Dad will be able to find a flight to get him there before the surgery. I’m sure he really wants that.
This procedure is complicate for several reasons for little Stellan. McMamma has blogged about it, but I’ll just tell ya so you can pray specifically. This “wiring” issue in his heart is very close to his AV Node (and no I’m not medical in any way shape or form, but am learning a lot through Stellan’s experience) so if the AV Node is damaged during the ablation then Stellan will have to have open-heart surgery to put in a pace-maker. He’d then be dependent on that for the rest of his life. Also just because he is so small there’s a higher rick.
So that’s the latest I’ve heard. I know you all are praying along with me in this situation.

There’s another request that I became aware of today. It’s a long complicated story so I’ll do my best to make it short. A church that has sent teens to our camp was started about 2 and a half years ago by a guy I went to college with. They were headed for the mission field and had already raised support when their baby was born with a very rare condition. She was not expected to live long, but God has plans for this family. They started the church as a plant so that they could be in the states for the baby’s health care. They fully intended to go to the mission field once the little one had gone to heaven. She was quite the miracle baby though and trip after trip to the hospital she astounded doctors. The family finally decided that God really wanted them at this church, which has an amazing growth story for a baby church, wow!! So they changed “their” life plans, well God changed it for them. This past Saturday little 2 1/2 yr old Eliana went home to be with Jesus. I know the family and church family there will appreciate prayers for their hurting hearts at this time. Thank God for that little life who unknowingly was the means for a new ministry to begin and thrive! God can use the smallest among us!! It’s a good reminder.

Anyway, sorry for all the gloomy posts recently. I’ll try to find some very happy and exciting news to share. 🙂 Tomorrow I’ll write a post about some of the cuteness that has been going on in my family lately. I’ve been saving it up, but I believe it’s time for it. 🙂 Nigh-night!

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