Happy Post :-)

So here is my promised post on more happy topics. 🙂

My boys:
This is always a happy topic, even when it’s not. 🙂 I’m very thankful for my lads! They bring 100x more smiles than they do frowns so I can’t complain. Myles took his first 2-3 independent steps the other day. Nov 3. Qade actually egged him on, unknowingly, and was in shock as he watched his little brother walk. Myles was standing at my knee and at Qade’s invitation to come over and explore the bathroom (something they shouldn’t be doing) he turned around and walked!! Qade got this surprised look on his face and said, “Miles walk?!” It was hilarious!!! I had to laugh out loud before I closed them out of the bathroom. Qade can open that door so he thinks it’s great fun for he and Myles to go in there for some extra “fun.” Myles is pretty proud of himself when he stands unassisted now. He will get this “Woo-hoo, look what I’m doing” expression on his face. He can balance for quite some time, but then he usually psyches himself out and sits down laughing. The other night he was standing at Stu’s knee totally leaning on the chair, but he’d raise his hands up with this HUGE grin and look at us like, “Look, no hands!” So funny!! We’ve been helping him practice standing, but I know it won’t be long before he takes off running after his brother! Myles loves to chatter all the time now. When I go get him up from his naps there’s a running commentary going on before I even reach the crib. Of course, I don’t understand what he’s saying, but I pipe in anyway.
Qade’s vocabulary, not to mention his memory, is really taking off! Stuart got some body armor stuff to wear running in the mornings, and when it came he put the logo sticker on Myles back. That was last week sometime. This morning Qade noticed the logo on Stuart’s shirt and asked him what it was. Stu told him it was a logo, and Qade responded, “logo on Myles.” He has a great memory! Lately he has added an “a” to the end of a lot of his words, so now I’m often “Mommy-a”. 🙂 Maybe he’s secretly Italian. Ha ha ha! Coloring has become one of Qade’s most favorite things to do. When we go to restaurants that pass out crayons and a paper he’ll actually sit there for most of the meal, barely taking time out for his food, and color that paper till there’s hardly room for any more color. He knows the colors Green, Blue, Orange, Yellow, Red, Brown, Black, White, and sometimes Purple. 🙂 He counts to three and sometimes five. 🙂 He knows that he is 2 and Myles is 1. He also remembers names MUCH better than me. Qade now LOVES going to Sunday School! Yesterday as they were walking to the car after church, Qade was telling Stuart, “Church fun!” He also likes to tell me that he likes things. “Qade like chocolate milk!” It’s cute! He is also caring of others and will say, “Are you okay?” whenever he feels it’s appropriate. 😉 His manners are a little TOO good because now if ever we ask him to do something his response is, “Say Peeeeees!” And yesterday after that he also added, “Say, yeah” I have no idea where THAT came from. Out of his head I suppose. We have to work on him with that some because he needs to obey without a bunch of stipulations. 😀 He also thinks it’s the coolest think in the world to say “Ya Wecome.” He LOOKS for opportunities to say it, but it’s still in context. He’s our big boy for sure, and way too smart for his or our own good, but we’re all learning together, and having a very fun time.
So there you have it. Great reasons to smile. 🙂 Have a fun Monday!