Hi friends! Last night Stu and I got to see The Phantom of the Opera!! It was absolutely amazing!! I told him it was our best date ever! I know Phantom inside and out since I’ve been a fan since the sixth grade, but I was still surprised by the amazing stage effects! Wow! So yeah, if you ever have the opportunity to see it, do!! It’s spectacular! Ahhhhhh…… now I can die happy. 😉
Today is going to be such a fun day! My inlaws are bringing down the boys and we’re all going to the zoo!!! I know Qade is going to love it, and I can’t wait to see the looks on his face when he gets to see the animals. He has been ‘reading’ a new favorite book about baby animals, and loves to point out the “Daddy Penguin” and the “Mommy Panda” and so on. One day when we got to the baby otter’s page with 2 otters wrestling he said one was “Qade Otter” and the other was “Myles Otter” Ha!! This kid cracks me up! But the zoo today is going to be awesome, and this zoo has been rated one of the top 5 zoo’s in the nation for kids! Yay!

Psssst….. I secretly love a zoo too! I admit it, I’m an animal lover too! 🙂

So I will post pictures later! Hope you are all having just as amazing a weekend as we are!
Oh, and I think I was off a little bit about Stellan’s schedule. He is going into the Children’s hospital today, and they will then take him off his meds, and get him to go into SVT. The actual ablation will probably be in the next few days. Just keep the family in prayer. I’ll let you know when/if I hear any news about it.

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