Tuesday morning, EARLY

Okay, so maybe it’s not THAT early NOW, but I’ve been listening to the littlest monster fuss, talk and otherwise carry on since about 4ish something. So finally I gave up and here at 6-something he’s happily cruising around the living room and my feet are frozen! Anyway, today is going to be fun. My new friend Kallie and her 2 gals are coming over for a play date! Woo-hoo!! The boys first official “date” and with a couple o’ cuties too!! 🙂 Ha ha ha! Myles will most likely sleep through the whole thing, if I’m any kind of predictor, but I know Qade will have a great time playing! He always does so well with other lil kids, and I enjoy seeing the fun on his face. Perhaps I’ll get some good pictures, we’ll see how the day progresses.
I’m posting a link back to some new info on Stellan HERE. He is going to have an ablation next week. Please pray for the docs, the fam, his Mommy and Daddy and of course his little self. I think of a baby the same age/size as Myles having to go through all of this and it just breaks my heart, but I’m praying that the procedure will work and he can get off his meds and be a happy healthy little lad. Apparently they performed this procedure once before on the lil dude when he was just 5 months and it didn’t help. There are higher hopes for this time obviously, but not without anxiety. So please pray for this family. I know we don’t know them, but they are our “family” in Christ. 🙂 Thanks!
Well, you all have a marvelous Tuesday! I’m off to cook some bacon and muffins since I’m up. 😉 Ta ta!