Just a few

I couldn’t resist posting some of the pics I snapped of the boys yesterday. 🙂 I know mother-love, but I won’t appologise. 🙂 You know they’re just the cutest ever anyway! 😉
So without further ado… and because I’m having a terrible time typing today… You don’t even want to know how many times I’ve hit the backspace key for this one very short blurb. Good grief!
This is one of my very favorite pictures of Qade, EVER!
It’s difficult to get them together looking at the camera, let alone both smiling, so I think this is a pretty good one.
Oma, I think he was watching some birds. He really enjoys that!
I love the sun in this shot! I love the sweet little boy too. 😉 He totally makes the shot!!

We had a great play-date today, and I completely enjoyed the grown up time too!! 🙂 I didn’t take pictures though, maybe another time. We plan to make it a weekly thing as much as possible! I know the boys will benefit from having that “kiddie” interaction, and I’m positive that I will benefit from a friendship outside the fam! 🙂 God is good to provide what we need when we need it. I’ve felt for a quite some time now that I really do need some “outside” adult relationships for my own personal growth and development as well as just plain ol’ fun! I have some great friends that I get to visit with whenever we’re at camp, but that’s not as often as I like. Now there’s an opportunity for a new friendship, and while I’m not good (as in probably the worst ever, no joke) at making new friends, I’m going to do my dead level best to develop this one. 🙂
Hope you all have had a brilliant Tuesday. I’m off to enjoy some chocolate and coke- ha ha- and a little Pride and Prejudice before I have to decide what to make for dinner. I’m a little at a loss… send me some suggestions. 😉

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