Happy Wed-nes-day everyone! We woke up this morning to white sparkly winter wonderland!! Stu told me that snow was ‘projected’ for our area, but I highly distrust those weather men so didn’t give it much thought. Glad they were right though! Looks pretty outside, but not too cold! I hopped outside before getting the boys up and took a few shots. Then when Myles was napping Qade and I went out for some more. Qade at first was rather disconcerted by the “snow on my pants!!!” but then got over it and enjoyed stomping around in it. The dog has been bounding about like crazy, he loves snow! But the cat is not that impressed with the cold wet stuff. 😉 I didn’t take Myles out because he is still sniffling and wiping snot on me every chance he gets, so I didn’t want to make that any worse! 🙂
So I’ve been taking Supermom vitamins for the last 5 days and do believe I’m seeing results! I haven’t felt nearly as fatigued as I had been, and actually feel like I have quite a bit of energy! Doesn’t make me less lazy, but it feels better. 😉 I had been taking one at breakfast and one at dinner, but am moving the dinner one to lunch because I’ve been having a hard time falling asleep, oddly enough. It may not be the vitamins, but I’ve just been wide awake at bedtime and then when I do sleep I have very “active” dreams where I, the supermom, have to save the day, or run a race or whatever… you get the point. Still, I’m glad of the change, and just to prove it I plan on jumping on the eliptical machine as soon as I’m done w/ this blog post. 🙂 Hmmmm…. now how long can I make it? 😉
Funny Qade story. Last night as I was putting the monkey to bed he ran out of his room and then came back in moments later saying that something was “hot” and he needed to “put water on feener” with one index finger held out. I can only assume that he touched the stove, which was hot. It didn’t burn him badly enough to cry about it, or make a blister or anything, but he seemed to “need” water on it. I washed it off in cold water once, but when he was asking again, I had a stroke of brilliance and got a cold pack from the freezer for him. He loved having the “ice” wrapped in the dishcloth while I read him a book. Then he asked SO nicely to take the “ice” to his bed, and since he wasn’t screaming and crying about bedtime, I let him have the ice in his bed. 😀 I planned all along to take it out of his bed when I checked on him before going to bed myself. In the back of my mind I thought, “He’ll wake up looking for it” because that does happen now and then with stuff he takes to bed. Sure enough this morning at 5am-something he started wailing! I was foggy so Stu got up to comfort him. Unfortunately Stuart had NO prior knowledge of the “ice” saga, so when Qade was screaming for “ice” Stu gave him some. 😀 REAL ice to eat. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! This cracks me up! So Qade ate his ice, but as soon as it was gone began howling for his “ice.” Ha!! Finally I got up knowing that for us to get any more rest this night, Qade was going to have to have his ice. I retrieved it from the freezer and delivered it to a sad little boy cuddled up in his Daddy’s arms. Suddenly he was as happy as a clam, and I had to quickly explain to Stu why in the world our boy was screeching for a silly icepack. 🙂 True story! We all went back to bed and got some good rest when the ice was back in the bed. Ahhhhh… the fun times we all have!
Potty training has been going better the past couple days. Knock on wood!! Today Qade and Myles were playing in their room when I overheard Qade tell Myles he needed to “go pooey on the potty, be right back!” I was soooo excited! Unfortunately he had already wet his pants, but at least he recognized that he needed to go on the potty. 🙂 Someday he’ll “get it” before it’s too late! At least recently he hasn’t been pitching the HUGE fit about going that he had been. Whew!
Okay, so I’ve dragged this post out as far as I can for now. I’ll leave you with some photos of our snowy day! Toodles!

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!!! I’ve got to break out the tunes!
Qade wasn’t so sure about this stuff!
See? 🙂

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