Hey friends! I follow a blog by a lady that I don’t know, and probably will never meet, but I still feel like a part of her life, and I’ve only recently “discovered” her. She’s a mommy of 4 beautiful children. She calls them Big Mac, McNugget, Small Fry and the last is McMuffin. McMuffin’s name is really Stellan and he will be one tomorrow. He has battled with a condition SVT which is some kind of heart defect from what I’ve gathered. Anyway, lil guy had a bad episode last night and landed in ICU. HERE is the blog McMamma posted about it today. I’m only mentioning it because I’d like to share it as a prayer request. I guess it’s close to my heart because Stellan is so close in age to Myles and I can’t imagine having him be so sick. So if you think of it please pray for this baby boy and his family. Thanks!
I’ll post about OUR day later! I’m gonna go have a sweet potato for lunch. Ta ta!