Up 2

Hmmmm…. basically what I’ve been up to today is sitting in front of the computer to avoid other tasks that I’d rather not do. 😉 You never do that, do you? Ha! That’s okay, I did actually get some things done this morning by plopping monkey #1 in front of Wall-e so that I’d only have to answer the occasional “Wheres’ Wall-e, Mommy?” question instead of have him following me around howling my name. 🙂 I love to hear my babies say “Mommy” or “Ma-ma” in Myles’ case, but Qade has recently been saying “mommy” in a way that doesn’t thrill my heart. It’s a cross between a scream and a really aggravated whine, and is typically several decibels louder than I care for. I have been hearing this mutilation of my very special title name frequently recently, and it does get old FAST! Whenever anything is slightly “wrong” in his little world, from the blocks not stacking properly, to no being able to get his color box open, this wretched noise fills the house. Hmmmm… so this morning I “bought” a bit of peace and quiet for the price of a Pixar movie. Ahhhh!
So as we blunder and plod through the land of parenting, if it isn’t one thing it’s another. 🙂 I’ve realized that Qade keeps us well supplied with projects to keep life from getting stale. 😉 No boring days around here, oh no!
Potty training is one “project” that I’m completely sick of. I’m about ready to just bust out the size 4 diapers again, and forget the whole thing! Let him wait till he is in kindergarden to figure out that he should be going about this differently. 😉 But since I’ll probably be homeschooling anyway, I’m not sure that would work either! I’ve heaped up all the “peer pressure” I can possibly think of by letting him know that EVERYONE he knows goes in the potty and NOT in their unders. He agrees whole heartedly and even chimes in, offering names of people who go in the potty. *sigh* He will usually go when I take him, but he does not initiate going EVER and if I don’t get him in there when the “cue” comes, oh well, there’s always unders to go in. 🙁 This does not a happy Mommy make!
Moving right along… I don’t like to talk about potty training for too long… I start getting irritated all over again!
So on to Myles. Poor boy has a stuffy nose. He slept very poorly on Tuesday night because his nose was clogged, but last night he did fine! He dislike having his nose eve wiped let alone “sucked out.” Ugh! He’s still chipper for the most part. Myles is completely off the bottle now! I’m not sure if I had mentioned that before. I just up and decided about 2 weeks before his b-day that he was ready to be done, so away they went except for right before bed. He transitioned to the cup very very well, and didn’t complain a bit! Last weekend we went to visit the Grandparents and I didn’t bring a bottle for bed-time. Myles never even noticed. He is officially and completely a sippy cup boy now! Kinda makes me a little bit sad. While he still got at least one bottle a day he was still more a baby, ya know? 🙂 Now he’s all grown up and drinking milk and juice just like his bro. *sigh* 😉 Still no steps, but he gets around pretty fast all the same. He loves playing in the dirt and the leaves with his brother outside. In fact today it was fun to watch him ever-so-busily moving dirt and leaves from one half of a cinderblock to the other and back again. 😉 It was important work let me tell ya! Myles is turning into quite a little person lately too. 😉 He pesters his big brother then yells for help once Qade has “had enough” and tackles him. Of course, it doesn’t take much for Qade to have enough so usually they both get corrected. Sometimes when I tell Myles “no-no” he stops whatever it was, but then he chuckles like he was just joking, not really going to touch it, ha ha! Funny funny boy.
Well, I have some very squishy bananas on the counter begging to be put into bread so I’d best do that or else they are going in the trash! I already baked 2 loaves of banana bread this week. I have no idea how we ended up with so many over-ripe bananas! They usually don’t last long enough in this house to even have brown spots! Hope you all are enjoying your Thursday. It is the best day of the week after all! 😉

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