I had about a million things I wanted to blog about today, but fortunately I narrowed it down to just a few. 😉 However, they are totally disconnected and random, hence the title. Hope you enjoy perusing. If one doesn’t seem interesting to you, just move on down, it’ll change shortly. Ha! 😀

Well, I admit that the content of my RSS reader is pretty random in itself, but I came across this article on what is in a cup of coffee. Ha! Pretty weird. Especially the part about the roach pheromones. I wonder if sprinkling coffee all around your house would discourage them from coming in??? SO glad we don’t have those ickies out here! Stu and I were going through some old photos of us in G’ville, and saw some of the “prize” pictures from the critters he caught and dispatched while we were there. Made my skin crawl!!! But that’s neither here nor there. If you’re interested in the chemical breakdown of coffee check out THIS article.

I came across this blog that does “Devotions for Moms” which I need!! One area in which I struggle a LOT is being consistent in my own devotions. I can’t use my kids or hubby or home as an excuse! I should have the discipline it takes to MAKE the time. Things like this really help me out though. It’s just one more little way for me to get the Word and some external input on it into my day. 🙂 Now I’m not going to tell you that you’ll agree with all of the things put out on this site. I haven’t read it enough to know, but I’m sure you’re able to “eat the fish and spit out the bones” if necessary. 😉

I absolutely DID NOT leave my youngest child in the same outfit for two days straight simply because it was easier on me, and because he hates to be changed. 😉 I did NOT bribe my toddler with yet another matchbox car to do a “pooey” in the potty. Nope, not me! I did NOT forget to put the beans on to soak over night and therefor NOT fix the wholesome dinner I had planned and instead feed my kids Spaghetti- O’s. 😉 I did NOT let the littlest lad have a cracker in the living room and then brush off all the crumbs on the floor because I would be vacuuming anyway. Ha! I did NOT escape into the land of Facebook and let the boys “work it out” in their room. They did by the way. I guess I don’t ALWAYS have to intervene. And the big one, I DO NOT plop my son in front of Baby Einstein nearly every morning, to give me 30 min of peace to drink my coffee and breathe. *sigh* This from the mom who NEVER wanted her kids to have the T.V. babysitter. Shhhhhhhh!

So what have WE been up to? 🙂 Oh, so glad you asked! This weekend we went to Page, AZ and had a wonderful time with the pastor and church up there. It’s a beautiful place, right at the southern end of Lake Powell. I had no idea that was up there! Just goes to show you can live in a place all your life and not really know what’s around you if you don’t look! Anyway, Stuart was able to present the camp ministry and preach. Our boys were just the ages of the pastor’s grandkids, so they were happy to see them! 🙂 We had a great time just getting to fellowship with the people up there, and see the amazing work that God has done in that little Navajo church!! They are planning to send their kids 20 or so to camp this summer! We can’t wait for that!
The boys did well on the trip. This was Myles first forward facing car ride! I think that he liked it except it took him a little while to figure out how to sleep in that position. 😉 I was very proud of both of them, they did such a good job and behaved very well in people’s home and the church as well. Whew! 🙂 Qade did a fantastic job with his “training” even on the trip. He waited to do a “pooey” till we were in the hotel on Saturday after driving for so long! That really impressed Stu and me! On our way home Qade’s favorite thing to say was “Qade funny” and he’d say it over and over with different people’s names. He seems to think that every time we get in the vehicle for a trip we’re going to “Oma’s home!” 🙂
So today I need to “recover” from our trip, but something else happened that I’m going to have to recover from. As I was helping Qade wash his hands this morning, I was going to adjust his stool right as he was launching onto it, and we collided. 🙁 My face to his head! Ouch! So I now have a big fat lip thanks to my tooth nearly going through it! Fortunately Qade’s head made out much better, and after his M&M’s he was fine. Mind you, this happened BEFORE my coffee this morning, so that was nearly a disaster! But I managed to get it all under control with a wet washcloth and ice pack. 😉 So now I’ve had my coffee, and think that I can carry on without too much of a problem. Ha! No one ever tells you of the perils involved with potty training, ya know? I should write a book. 😀
Anyway, I hope your Monday is spectacular, and you don’t have any head butting issues yourself!

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