Seems to be Myles mantra these days. He is a bottomless pit!! I think that he’s gotten over his texture issues (mostly) and now just wants to eat everything in sight! This can include leaves and sticks and various other nummies that he finds while playing outside. The other day I had to pry a pebble out of his mouth and then reprimand Qade for filling Myles high chair tray with rocks. 😀 That was the day of our picnic on the porch. Lately though Myles has taken a very great liking to scrambled eggs!! I had a stroke of brilliance this past Sunday when we took the pastor out to Cracker Barrel. Usually I try to get Qade one of the kid’s chicken strip meals, but he rarely eats more than a few bites of it. Arg! So this time I ordered one of their smaller breakfast meals for the boys to split. Qade ate the bacon, a little egg, and a biscuit. Myles devoured the rest of the eggs, had grits, and a bit of biscuit too! I tell ya, he attacks those eggs with all the gusto in his little self! Myles also has decided that he loves to eat Vienna sausage, and spaghetti o’s. Great! Yesterday he had his first taste of PBJ and that went over pretty well too! Yes, I know that he’s not one yet, but he’s had peanut butter, eggs, whole milk, yogurt and chocolate, (which he didn’t like!) before his first b-day. I don’t think that makes me a bad mom quite honestly. 😉
Qade has been a fantastic eater lately too. I almost never get complaints about his food. Shocking!! He loves “muffin” which is what he calls my homemade bread. He also really loves bacon and eggs, sausage, and chocolate milk. 🙂 Those don’t make up the main part of his diet though. 🙂 He generally eats whatever Stu and I are having, and has become such a good eater with his own fork and spoon. He is also drinking out of a regular cup at meals now. So far we have had minimal disasters with that. Mostly his issues come from accidentally tipping it too much while he’s drinking, and getting a big of a bath in the process. His vocabulary is constantly astonishing Stu and I. The other night, Stuart told him to “obey right away” which is one of our key phrases. He was in the process of whining about whatever it was he was supposed to do, and replied, “I don’t want to obey right away.” Ha!! That was one of those parenting moments when you nearly laugh out loud and ruin a perfectly good training moment. 😀 In fact Stuart had to turn away really fast to hide his smile. 🙂 Fortunately I was sitting behind the lad, and could indulge in a smile. 😉 Yesterday I took the boys to school to meet up with Stu before he had to run to town for errands. He kissed me bye and said “I love you.” A minute later from the backseat I hear, “I love you, Mommy!” Awwwww!!! So I said, “I love you too, Qade” and he replied “I love you too, Mommy” ha! Love it!!!! Qade is improving on his obedience without whining. He certainly has his moments, but when I remind him of the correct response, “Yes, Mommy” it will usually cut the whining short. I know it takes a lot of consistency on our parts, and that’s probably the hardest thing about parenting.
Today I’m not quite sure what’s on my plate. Ha! I got up early again!! I’m so glad God has helped me do that this week!! It’s an important part of my own discipline that needs work. But anyway, I have yet to plot my day. I’m going to attempt to make pizza dough in the bread maker today. I’ve never done that before so it should be fun!! Homemade pizza is way yummier than Pappa Jon’s. I’ve figured that homemade anything is generally better. I’ve mostly been a convience foods kind of person, using canned soups and store bought bread for most of my life, but it really tastes so much better made at home, AND it’s NOT that hard! I’m growing and learning in life too! In fact the other day when I made chili I figured out (duh) that if you spray the crock pot with nonstick spray before putting the food in, it scrubs off WAY easier when you clean it. 🙂 I fixed homemade split-pea soup yesterday! It’s one of my favorite soups, but Stu doesn’t like it. Since he was gone for dinner I made it and it was DELICIOUS!! Way better than the condensed canned stuff!! Oh and can I just say that the bread machine was one of the best investments that we have made!!! I love the bread, and I love that I don’t have to knead it! Ha! I was inspired by my friend Emily and think that I’ll use it to make some amazing cinnabon knock-off rolls tomorrow!! Sounds like just the thing for a cool Fall weekend!
This week in potty training land has been a bit of a flop. 🙁 Qade did not recover well from Sunday last week, and we’ve been trying to gain ground since then with little success. He has been going in the potty, except for pooeys, but he hasn’t been keeping dry very well, so we’re still working on it all. Just in time for another weekend away! This weekend we will be presenting the camp ministry at a church, so it’s going to be very hard to keep Qade on any kind of potty schedule. Oh well, we’ll take it one day at a time and forget about worrying over it. As my frue reminded me yesterday, he’ll be potty trained before he goes to college. 😉 Have a great weekend friends!

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