Weird Day

Today started out normal enough. Actually NOT SO NORMAL because I got up early!! Still 30min later than I had planned, but at least it was earlier than usual. 😉 It made a world of difference in my morning, let me tell ya! I know that time management is a weakness in my life and I’m honestly striving to have more discipline in that area. Qade has done well on the potty (mostly) today. I won’t tell you about the little incident right after lunch and mar that good feeling though. Ha! 😀
I guess the weird part of today just comes from remembering. I remembered that today is Joey’s birthday! What a way to celebrate your b-day, in heaven with Jesus!! But we still miss him here and would love to celebrate with him as well. I “happened” to run into his dad at the post office this morning. Funny thing, I had just been thinking of their family and praying for their heart’s comfort when I saw him. God works things out, ya know. At least I was able to tell him in person that we’re thinking and praying for their family in a special way today. God is always good even when it makes us ache inside.
Then this afternoon I learned that a guy Stu and I had worked with at camp had been killed in a motorcycle accident this morning. He’s not someone that we were close to, but he’s still someone we’d say was our friend. That summer that we got to know him, it was so awesome to see God’s working in his life!! That’s why being a summer camp staff member is so great. You have weeks to learn about God and grow in Him in that scripture saturated environment. Anyway, to see this guy at the beginning of summer and at the end, you’d never have known you were even looking at the same person. God did an obvious work in his life, and he left camp with joy on his face. I know that he too is happy now in the arms of Jesus. My heart still aches for his family though. Sometimes God lets us know that loved-ones will be leaving us, but sometimes it’s sudden. Either way it’s hard for us to let go knowing we’ll have to wait to see them again. I’m so thankful that we have that confidence though! We WILL see them again!
So my mood today has been kind of low and thoughtful. It’s good for me to have times where I remember. I’m happy to remember Joey and the wonderful guy that he was. I’m happy to remember Troy and the wonderful work that God did in him. I hug my kids a little bit more, cherish the moments a little more. Even the “trial” times like potty training, and dealing with a tantrum become much more precious when I remember that my moments are also numbered. Pray today for the Merrill and Jones families if you think of them. I know they would appreciate it.

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