Monday Indeed!!

Ya know even we stay-at-home-moms have Mondays. 🙂 It doesn’t always come on a Monday, but today it did. Grrrrr!! Of course Monday is always the day that you plan to do so much to recover from the weekend, get ready for the week, turn over new leaves and change the world! Yes, I’ll admit that I had some lofty goals for this particular Monday. Such as, clean the house. Ha! Seems I’d at least be able to do that, right? This Monday rolled around a little early for me actually, kinda caught me off guard. See, I’m supposed to be getting up earlier so that our mornings don’t end up being so rushed, however that hasn’t happened yet, and this morning was no exception. Maybe because it caught me sleeping in was why it decided to be a temper tantrum of a day, I don’t know. What I do know is that I did NOT have the mental fortitude to confront this kind of a Monday. *SIGH* It looked something like this. Late breakfast, get kids cleaned up, Qade has accident in unders, clean up. Myles decides NOT to take a morning nap, but I leave him in his crib wrestling with Otis anyway. I try to get the toys up off the floor so I can vacuum amidst Qade’s squallings of “Put it back, Mommy!” Hmmmm… sometimes language is not a gift. The whining persists and even grows as the vacuum roars to life. However, he needn’t have worried, the beast “over heated” before one room was complete. Arg! Meanwhile I was running a ‘test’ load of dirty dishes through the washer because I’ve been having a sneaking suspicion that it’s not doing it’s job well. Sure enough when I open it up, not a dish on the top rack has been cleaned. *HUGE SIGH* I loathe, hate, despise and utterly abhor doing dishes by hand. GRRRRRRR!!! Okay, I’m spoiled, I’ll freely admit it, so can I have a working dishwasher back, please??? 😉 But I break out the dish drainer, amidst my own grumblings and start washing the dishes that were in the dishwasher. I also got some chili on in the crock-pot, but still had to brown the beef and add to it. Add to these slight set backs SEVERAL crisis with Qade including, but not limited to, 2 wet accidents, and 1.. uh…. not wet accident. At one point today I thought, “I should just wear these beautiful yellow rubber gloves all the time. It would actually save me time considering how I have to move from one disgusting clean up job to the next.” Ha ha ha!! I know, I know, I’m being overly dramatic, but I’ll be transparent and confess. I have been the biggest problem in my own messed up Monday. The way I chose to “react” to the irritations and frustrations that came along, complements of the 2nd law of thermodynamics, were what really sabotaged my happiness today. So there you have it. The confessions of a not-so-perfect house wife. Glad that I can learn from these rotten days and continue to enjoy life, even if I have to wash the dishes by hand! I got some very sweet Myles snuggles before nap time (which he is again not taking- what gives?) and there aren’t many people in the world who get that privilege. I also get to help teach and train my older child in what is appropriate and not to say to Mommy or any other grown up. And even though Mondays are “recovery” because Sunday’s the boys don’t get enough sleep and their schedules are all off, and potty training takes a backseat, I’m happy knowing that Qade is learning the Bible in Sunday School, and that Myles gets to meet other babies, and that Stu and I get to have fellowship with God’s people. All of that really makes the mucky Mondays worth it!

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