One Unders Day

Today I am proud to report, Qade used only one pair of unders!!! Which isn’t to say that he conquered the pooey in the potty, he just waited till pull-up at nap time. STILL I’m very happy with his progress and that the wet accidents didn’t happen today!! I’m almost a little depressed that tomorrow is Sunday though, because it will mean that he has to wear a pull-up all day, and that probably will cause a ‘relaps’ in a way. But progress is progress and if he can keep this up, I’ll ditch the plastic pants altogether next week!! Woo-Hoo!!!! Better not count my chicks till they are hatched though. 😉
Starting Monday, I’m going on a Facebook diet! 😀 Those of you who are on there may know how addicting it is. I enjoy it because I suffer from a lack of adult interaction WAY out here in the middle of no where, and its a great way to keep up with people that you may not otherwise. Still it also has the potential for being an enormous time waster. I have heard it referred to as a “soft addiction.” As in, not one that will cause you harm or is unhealthy, but still something that has a certain control over you. Kinda scary!! I’ve realized that I waste too much time sitting here trying to ‘connect’ with people while things around me that need attention are being neglected. SO I have to take myself in hand and exercise a little more discipline. Besides I have a bunch of stuff to get done before the holidays hit, and if it’s gonna happen I’ve got to get on it! No worries, I’ll still be checking up on you all on FB, but not multiple times a day. 🙂
There it is.
Today was a good relaxing Saturday, just the way Saturdays are supposed to be. Stuart was trimming up some of the trees out back with the chainsaw this morning while Qade watched out the window. I asked Qade what Daddy was doing and he said, “Makin’ noise.” Ha! 🙂 I love my speaking lil son! I’ve also discovered very recently that Myles LOVES lasagna, green beans and corn. Yay! He’s getting to be so big! He ate a HUGE dinner tonight! Hope it doesn’t give him a tummy ache. He’s loving his milk too. Doesn’t seem to notice a bit that there’s no formula in it. I’m sure it’s actually an improvement based on how nasty formula smells!
Must be going. Stu and I are going through our massive photo library and deleting pictures that aren’t worth keeping. Hopefully we’ll get it done sometime soon. So far we’ve only made it through our first year in Greenville, and that was before kids, so we’ve got a LONG way to go. 😉 Have a swell Sunday!!

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