“Butterfly on it”

During dinner last night, which was yummy lasagna by the way, Qade picked up his “muffin” (aka bread) and asked for “Butterfly on it, peese” (????) Oh yes, he wanted butter on it. I just about died!! Too funny! I tell you what, kids might give us gray hair, but the add a lot of laugh lines too!
We’ve been working on Qade’s sleeping habits lately. We moved Myles out of their room for the time being. Qade gets up WAY too early, and has a hard time settling down for the night as well. Once we get those things worked out *sigh* then they can be roomies again. Poor Myles was just not getting good night time sleep because of his big bro. So one thing we did was to get this switch lock to go on Qade’s light switch. His method was to get a book, slide it up the wall and turn the light on. Now with the lock on it, you have to press a button on the side in order to make the switch go up or down, and then it it locked in that position. Yesterday morning was Qade’s first experience with the switch. For some reason I was only half asleep at 5-whatever when I heard the sound of a book sliding up the wall, several times, followed by wailing and screaming “LIGHT!!!!!!” Ha ha ha!! It kind of cracked me up actually, but I did feel sorry for him too. Poor lad. Stu got up and comforted him over not being able to turn on his light any more and put him back in bed. We believe he went back to sleep too. Yay! Believe me, Qade would benefit from getting more sleep at night as well! So now to work on the going to bed thing. He howls and screams about it like it was the end of the world. It’s the one time that he’ll actually ask to go potty, though I well know it’s a stall tactic, so to no avail. 😉 Tonight I’m going to institute a new bedtime routine. We will brush teeth, both boys, Myles will go to bed in spare room, then Qade will have story time for a few minutes, the we will walk CALMLY to his bed, tuck in and go to sleep! At least that’s the plan. 😉 I’m going to tell him before it all starts that we’re going to go to bed in a little bit, and hopefully that will help him be mentally prepared. One day at a time…. Now that it’s getting chilly it would be nice to have them back in the same room so that we don’t have to heat an extra room. The spare, where Myles is sleeping now, is the coldest room in the house too, and I don’t like that! Plus he’s using OUR space heater, so now we’re cold! 😉
Myles has become a champion head butter recently. 🙂 You have to watch out or you’ll get your face, or knee or whatever smashed by his very tough little head! It’s pretty cute though how he does it! He’s always been a nuzzler. He loves to put his face on mine and nuzzle it in. He also burrows in pillows, and piles of stuffed animals too. Cute little monkey! He’s little mr. big-stuff these days and you can tell that he’s totally getting ready to walk. What will that be like??? Two running boys in my house?! Oh my! 🙂 Qade’s world changed quite a bit when Myles started crawling, but he’s going to have to adjust all over again, when Myles can actually keep up with him!
Well, I’m off for today. I’ve been chasing Qade around all morning trying to get him to do “pooey” in the potty. He seems nearly as determined to NOT do it, so we’ll see how it ends up. I’m adding a video that I found from someone on Facebook. It’s really amazing. It says that these little girls are 6,7 and 8, but they sound amazing!!! Have a great Friday and a fabulous weekend!

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