Coffee Lady

My son has me pegged. We have a magnet that Stu got me when we were living in Greenville. It has a caricature of a 1950’s is lady on it with a big cup of steaming coffee, and the caption says “Coffee! You can sleep when you’re dead!” Well the other day the boys were playing with the magnets and Qade pointed to that one and said “Mommy.” Then this morning as I was brewing up my own little pot of Santa’s White Christmas coffee, he looked on the bag which was covered with “picaso” kind of people drawings. One was a lady and he pointed to it and said “Mommy” again. 🙂 Guess my little lad knows that Mommy and coffee go hand in hand. Ha!
Myles is just way too big these days! I put him in 12mo clothes for the first time on Sunday and almost cried when it actually fit him! Well, I did have to cuff the pants, but the shirt fit. Awww.. He does look much older in his fall clothes with long sleeves and pants. I even got him to wear socks yesterday! Myles is my picky eater, amazingly! The way he started out on baby food gobbling down everything in sight I thought for sure he’d be an easy eater. This is the tricky stage of eating though, in my thinking. Going from baby food to actual table food seems to be a tricky transition. Myles has this hilarious crunched up face that he makes whenever he doesn’t want to try something. Ha! I think it’s more of a matter of getting him used to the textures than anything at this point. He LOVES crackers like soda crackers or Ritz, but try to give him Cherios or Teddy Grahams and the end up thrown all over the floor. Weird! I thought all babies loved Cherios. 😉 Anyway, this morning at breakfast I gave him a piece of regular graham cracker and he started to do the same deal with it, till I broke off a little piece and fed it it to him. He does like to eat bananas, and he’ll even hold it himself and chomp away. So maybe it’s not picky so much as just trying to get used to textures. I tried to feed him some soggy corn muffin the night we had beans, and he wasn’t thrilled about that at all, but then about a week later I again mashed up some corn muffin with a little milk and he did eventually eat most of that. Today will mark his last day on formula. I’ve been slowly adding milk to it over the past week or so and he’ll be out of formula after today. I don’t think that he really cares or notices at this point. But I’ve already really noticed a difference in how fast the milk is gone!! 🙂 Qade still isn’t wild about milk. He’d much rather have juice. He does get some “regular” milk at breakfast and then he’ll usually drink a cup of chocolate milk with dinner.
Yesterday the boys ‘helped’ me sort and organize their clothes. I’ve been putting it off just because I knew it was going to be a big job. Their Grandma Noggle keeps them supplied with great clothes at amazing bargains. I mean, before I met her, I didn’t even know you could get Old Navy clothes for like 48 cents!! She’s amazing! But I had a bunch of clothes that needed organizing that she had given me. Then of course, I needed to put away all the 9mo clothes for Myles, and all of Qade’s summer clothes. Thank goodness for rubbermade bins!!! At least I have them marked and can go through them easily, well as easily as two little pint-sized helpers will let me! 😉 They think it’s great fun to empty the bins and get in them, arg! Ha!! But eventually we were all done, and everything was stowed away. Qade is all set with clothes till he’s 4. 🙂 We even have a bin with a few 4T’s in it too. Qade loves new clothes too, it’s funny to watch him get excited about clothes! Myles, as you know, would rather not bother with clothes, but I think he’s getting used to having sleeves on though. 🙂 Poor little nudist boy. Ha ha ha!!
This morning Qade helped me rearrange some of the furniture. His contribution was to “ride” on whatever was being moved. I’m sure I couldn’t have done it without him though. 😉 We’re still doing the two-step with potty training. He made me mad today because I caught him in the “act” of a pooey, and rushed him to the potty. He did a tiny one in the pot and then as soon as I got his unders back on he dumped in them. Oh man! Grrrrr!! I informed him that he would get a time out if he did that again. Seriously, he knows exactly what he is doing if he can “hold it” till he gets his comfy unders on. Oh well, one more experience to make me a wiser person, right? 😉
Anyway, hope you are having a fabulous Thursday!! I’m so glad we get one every week! Yesterday was relaxing for me because Stu had a half day of work. I got to go for a run, and then be lazy. It almost felt like a Saturday!! I made these egg muffin thingys for dinner and we watched part of Ratatouille while we had dinner. Fun! I want to learn to make that dish by the way. See ya!