Little Movie Quoter

When my bros and I were growing up one of our favorite things to do to amuse ourselves in boring situations, like when mom and dad would drag us out every fall to drive around looking at “dead trees” (ha ha), we’d quote from our favorite movies. As we got older we changed it into a game. One person would say a random movie quote and the others would have to try to guess where it came from. 🙂 Let me just say that our family was “blessed” with an abundance of memory when it comes to movies. We probably should have applied it differently, but guess you have to fill your brain with something. 😉 I never realized that this trait was genetic until last night. I was taking Qade potty after our family walk and he was just cracking me up! We were playing with bubbles and just having a grand time. Well, when he was finished, he gets so excited about moving his stool and washing his hands. He knows that M&M’s are forthcoming. But this time, while he was moving the stool I distinctly heard him say, “Whoa, whoa, whoa! Who’s touching me?!” Just as clear as that! I began to laugh hysterically when it dawned on me that it was a line from his favorite movie in the whole wide world “Cars.” Who’d have thought? Obviously Qade has inherited my talent. 😉 He doesn’t get it from his dad, let me tell ya! Stu’s side of the family has a hard time remembering what a movie is about let alone the lines in it. 😉 Anyway, it made for a very funny moment for me, and convinced me that I should begin teaching Qade to memorize something else as well, like scripture.
I forgot to tell you about Qade’s little drama on Sunday. Ha!! The church we’ve been attending doesn’t have a baby nursery, so one of us usually sits in the loby with Myles and listens to the sermon over the speakers. This was Stu’s Sunday. I was sitting peacefully in the service when I heard Qade’s familiar, hysterical, screams filling the lobby. This was unusual because he has been doing so well going to Sunday school. So I ventured out to see if Stuart needed help. He had taken him outside because of the noise. What happened was that Qade told the S.S. lady that he needed to go potty, so she let Stu know and he took him while she watched Myles. Once in the bathroom however, the drama commenced. Qade isn’t used to balancing on a potty without his seat, so while they were working this out, he uh… went and it ended up all over his pants and the floor and well, everything. So poor Stuart had to deal with all of that. Qade’s pants were out of the question for reuse at that moment, but when it came time to go back into S.S. he freaked out about going in without his pants! Poor lad! I should be a more prepared Mommy and have a change of clothes ready, but alas, I didn’t. 🙂 So Qade got to spend the rest of the service, which wasn’t long, in the lobby with Daddy and Myles. But he never did wear pants again for the rest of the day, and it didn’t seem to bother him to go into Home Depot without them. Guess it was just peer pressure. 😉
Anyway, those are the funny Qade stories from recently. Myles is getting to be quite the little ham as well. When ever I bring out the camera, he get’s this silly little “cheese” smile on his face. Cracks me up every time! He is learning to sand up unaided, and can do it for several seconds, till he realizes it. 😉 He is also getting very good at entertaining himself when he plays. Qade and Myles play together often, but need some solo time as well, so this is great! I love listening and watching them play together in their room. They find the best fun in rolling around on Qade’s big-boy bed!
You wouldn’t think it to look at this post, but I really do have things to get done today. So I’ll leave you for now. Ta ta friends!

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