Bye-Bye hair *sniff sniff*

Okay, go to the previous post with the pictures in it and take a good long look at Qade’s beautiful locks. 😉 Granted they aren’t curls, but I still think he’s got cute hair!!

Well, HAD cute hair. 🙂 Yes, mommy got her hands on some clippers, very cheap never to be used again clippers that just appeared in this house. I have NO clue where they are from. Anyway, it was apparent that Qade needed a trim, and I was just going to give him a scissor cut because they are more forgiving, but then the devil on my shoulder told me it would be “easier” to use the clippers. Dum-de-dum dum! 🙂 No need to continue, right? You KNOW what happened, don’t you? Probably because it’s happened to YOU too, nanner nanner! 😉 Oh well, the poor boy has a buzz cut in September rather than June, but I’m confident that it’ll grow back fast. Perhaps I should swap his baby wash with some rogaine. Ha ha! In my defense, it is NOT as bad as it COULD be, but certainly not as good as I’d like it to be, and yes, it’s abominably short. Qade really doesn’t seem to care, and he did great for his shearing, only fussing because hair was getting on his dum-dum that I gave him. 🙂 He doesn’t know that his mommy gave him a bad hair cut and for that I’m grateful!!! I’ll get to practice on the lads while they are too little to care, and by the time the DO care, I’ll be a pro! Although, Stuart has indicated that he’s interested in being the barber of the family, and that would work out just fine with me! 😀

Today I had some nasty chores to do. I had to take the trash to the dump. We don’t have any pick up service out here in the sticks, so every so often we just haul it down. Most of the time Stuart is able to do it. Aside: I’m so thankful for a hubby who is willing to do the icky jobs!! I mean seriously gals, we get off the hook so easily just because we’re girls. Stu is willing to do the trash and kill the yucky bugs, and take care of maintaining stuff, all without the slightest complaint about it. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my man!!! I digress, the dump has weird hours and today we NEEDED to take the trash, but Stu couldn’t cause he was working. So to make the most of it, I emptied the cat litter, yucky, and gathered the trash around the house. I don’t do well with those smells, it’s sick. At last it was all packed and ready to go. Me and the boys had a great adventure, heading to town to dump the trash. I had the AC blowing full blast in my face, so I wouldn’t smell too much stuff, till my nose was frozen!! Wouldn’t it be great to be so young and full of life that a trip to the DUMP was an exciting part of your day?? I’m so happy to get to see life through the eyes of my kids, because it’s way more fun that way!

While we’re on the topic of gross things, I have to confess that I was thrilled beyond belief today when Qade pooped in the potty!!! I know, totally disgusting, right? I’ve come to the conclusion though, that very strange things make us mommies ecstatic. 😉 Just had to share that with you. Potty training has nearly been my waterloo several times already, so I celebrate every victory that comes along! Fun, fun, fun!

Okay, so I’ve wasted much more time on here than I should have because while the dirty, icky chores are done for the day, I still have laundry to fold, toys to pick up and a kitchen to clean. So ta for now my friends, and keep on finding adventures in the every day!
P.S. I’ll try to post a pic of Qade’s new do tomorrow. 🙂