Hilarity Ensues

Every day I’m thoroughly amazed at my kids and the things they can understand and do. Qade is especially at that stage where language is really kicking in for him, so to hear the things he comes up with to say keeps me in stitches. On Sunday on our way to church he asked about every family member he could think of and it sounded something like this “Where’s Oma?” and then with barely a pause he’d follow up with “Ah-know” which is his version of “I don’t know.” 🙂 He did this over and over for each person and he went through Grandma’s and Grandpa’s Uncle (which is what he calls Uncle David), and Uncle “Dame” (Uncle James) and Tiffany which he says absolutely perfectly. I didn’t bother trying to answer him because he didn’t really pause long enough for me too, but I think he was just going through people in his mind anyway. Pretty funny!
When we’re sitting in the bathroom he frequently asks “what’s that?” about everything he can see. Sometimes I’ll ask him back, because I know he knows what it is. It leads to some pretty funny conversations. “What’s that?” I don’t know, Qade. “That fan?” Oh, yes it’s a fan. “That fan!” 🙂
Last night was the cream though. Stuart was in the easy-chair reading and asked Qade to bring him a blanket. Qade has become a very good little fetcher boy. 🙂 So Qade fetched the blanket and dragged it over toward his dad but before he got there he said, “Say Please, Qade, Daddy.” We both just stopped what we were doing and looked at him like he was from another planet! I couldn’t believe my ears!! Then I started laughing as he said it again. He had such an intense look on his face too, and wasn’t about to budge one more inch without hearing the “magic” word. Ha! Through his chuckles Stuart said “Please Qade” and then Qade turned over the blanket with a follow up, “Say thank you, Qade.” Ha ha ha ha ha ha!! Okay, so it’s funny now. I know we’ll most likely be working on his “first child grown up tendencies” for the rest of his growing up years, but it totally cracked us up last night!! Nice to know too, that his “manners training” is sinking in. 😉 To me the amazing part was him inserting his name like that. I will often say things like “Say please, Mommy” so he hears that often, but for him to switch it to “Say please, Qade” just makes me laugh! Such a funny lad!
Myles is doing great these days too, and is very patient with us through the potty training process. He’ll come in to the bathroom and enjoy the bubbles too. Bubbles seem to be the thing that keeps Qade occupied in there the best. Myles just squeals and swats at them, it’s hilarious!! Poor boy today is in a romper. I left him in his jammies because it’s kinda chilly here this morning. He doesn’t care for it though. Myles has what I call a “gimp” crawl. He uses one knee and one foot. Qade used to crawl like that sometimes, but Myles always crawls like that. So he’s having a rough time with this “feety” outfit today. I’ll put him back into his comfy shorts outfit after nap, poor lad. 🙂 He’s been mimicking lots of words too. He says, No, of course, perfectly clear. He’ll also say Uh-oh, and Mmm-mmm, at meal times. 🙂 He says something that sounds like “Nigh-night” and is working on his “by-by.” Even though he doesn’t have many words, he’s not shy about “talking.” The other day he was upset about something, and was telling us all about it too. It was humorous to me. 🙂
Okay, so those are some of my fun kido stories for now. Hope you’re all enjoying your week! Toodles!

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