A fun day

That’s what our Sunday was! We really had a great time, and after this past week I totally needed it! 🙂 We went to church in town and brought our lunch with us in a cooler. Qade had a great time in Sunday School!! He’s so much better about going there now. Hardly gave us a backward glance as he got involved with all the awesome toys in there! The church doesn’t have a baby nursery so I ended up sitting in the lobby with Myles during the preaching, and heard the S.S. kids learning a song to the tune of that really annoying Barny song, ugh! Ha ha ha!! Oh well, guess they’ll remember it!

After church we went to a really great park and ate. I only got slightly slimed by Myles in my lap. I hadn’t thought to bring the umbrella stroller, but next time I will! He had too many hands for me to manage while I try to eat and keep him out of my plate! 😉 After our yummy chicken pasta salad and Dorito lunch we went to the actual fun part of the park. The equipment was all wood and looked like a huge fort or castle. It was a blast for Qade! Especially once he decided that he’d “risk” sliding down the slide. They had those plastic “tube” slides in various locations and he picked one that he just loved! He got stuck going up and sliding down over and over again! It was so fun to watch him! We also spent some time on the swings, of course, and Myles had a marvelous time munching the mulch. Yuck!!! He even kept a piece stowed away in his cheek like a wad of chew or something. I had to dig it out later, and that was work because his jaws are like a serious clamp when he doesn’t want to open. 😀

Anyway, that was very relaxing and fun for all of us. We then got some of our shopping done before we headed home. That was less than relaxing because I hate to shop, and hate it even more when it’s busy, but at least it’s out of the way! Qade, of course, took a break from potty training yesterday since we were out. Not that he’s really been going on the pot anyway. 😉 We did put him on a couple times just to keep it in his head, but no successes. I’m hoping the arrival of the plastic pants this week will make a difference. Time will tell.

This morning I was NOT ready for it to be Monday, but no help for that. Ha! I made some of my favorite coffee in the whole world. Santa’s White Christmas!! Nummmmmmm!!! That helped my mood immensely. The boys have also helped me because they played so nicely all morning till Myles’ nap. It was great! I thought I might have woke up in the wrong house. Ha ha ha! For those who don’t know, we’re working through a bullying phase with Qade and it causes lots of little crisis moments each day. Thankfully today we haven’t had those, Yay!!!!! 🙂 So I’m about to break out the juice box and attempt to get Qade back into the potty training mind set. Hope you all are having a stellar Monday!