Day Three!

So for day three I was determined that the little sprout WOULD pee in the potty!! I mean, seriously, how is he going to know he’s supposed to go in there, if he never goes in there?? 🙂 So I bribed him with a new Lightning McQueen car. 🙂 I set it on the sink where he could see and admire it as he sat on the toilet. The first couple of attempts failed and he was plenty unhappy to have to leave the car in the bathroom. But I insisted that he could have it once he peed in the pot. So he kept asking to go, and sure enough on one of our many trips he scored!!! Yay! He was so happy with himself, I was happy with him, and we had m&m’s and a new car to celebrate. 😀 However the rest of the day he wouldn’t go in the pot again. *sigh* So on the advice of some friends I decided we’d stay in the bathroom till it happened. Oh what fun! We sang songs, played piggies, read books over and OVER again, got bored, wanted to quit (both of us), blew bubbles, me with soap, him with spit. Arg!! I tried every trick I could think of…. he had a juice box, I’d run water at intervals, and it worked on me, man I had to go!! I’d even poor warm water over Qade, and he’d help, thinks it’s funny! Finally after OVER AN HOUR I quit! On went the pull-up and out of the bathroom we went. Ugh! My back does NOT like sitting on the tub for that long. I went to fix supper, Qade went to play with his car, and I presume, to pee in his pull-up. I couldn’t imagine him not needed to go after all of that. Well, I was setting the table, while Qade was already ready in his seat when he indicated that he wanted to go potty. *SIGH* I didn’t feel like taking him because he always tells me after the fact and it seems pointless to try it. BUT I tried to act all excited about this opportunity to sit in the bathroom, once again, while dinner waited. :-/ This time however, when we got there, his pull-up was still dry! (gasp) and sure enough, he got on the pot and WENT!!!!! WOOOOOO-HOOOOOOOOO!!! We had many high-fives, fist bumps, and m&m’s let me tell ya! I was so excited! That was just what I needed on this never ending day 3! Qade repeated his success once more before bed that night! Oh what a happy mama I was to see something was clicking. 🙂 This journey can’t be over fast enough though. I’ve come to the solid and complete conclusion that I hate potty training. Not one bit of it is fun for me. It’s not about me, however, and I can put some of that aside to help my lad conquer this next step in his development. BUT I’m still not going to strip him naked and let him piddle all over the house to get it done. 🙂 We’ve ordered some ‘plastic pants’ and as soon as they come I’ll put away the pull-ups and put him back in “unders” with the added mess protection for my sanity. I’m sure he will NOT cherish the feeling of being wet, so hopefully now that he’s at least succeeded a few times, it’ll all come together quickly. PLEASE!!!! 😉
Today we’ve had no successes. Still sitting on the pot for exorbitantly long periods of time, but oh well. One day…. some day….. I hope.

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