Three days of potty training: Day Two

It’s NOT going to be 3 days, I can tell you that! 😉 But I’m okay with that. I’m not okay with it being months and years though. So hopefully the small fry will catch on quickly. Today went something like this.
7am On the pot for the first time, remove soggy pull-up from night. No success
7:20 Timer goes off, back on pot, DRY pull-up, M&M for being dry. Nothing on pot.
Repeat multiple times, only not with the dry pull-up (except a couple) and add a meltdown when he didn’t “earn” an M&M.

That was basically it. 🙂 The “success” that I’m pulling from today is that he would at least tell me when he was in the process of going. So this really IS progress. Even though he was in a pull-up, he still clued in to his body cues, a little late but that’s okay. We didn’t have a single pee in the potty though, not one drop! Tomorrow I might try the “warm water trick” and put some in a bowl with toys to play with, see if it “triggers” anything while he’s perched there. He likes to sit on the potty, and he has been consistently telling me when he goes. I’ll take that as a good positive sign. Behavior wise we are having some issues. Qade is getting a bit defiant when he is corrected for things. Today he told me “Don tell me no.” He had just heard those words shortly before coming from Mommy. Now he has to learn what kind of speech is appropriate going TO Mommy. 😉
I’ll admit it, my patience is at a low ebb right now. Some days I feel like I just don’t have what it takes to truly teach my kids how to behave, and have a loving, sweet attitude towards each other. There are times when repeating the SAME instructions/corrections one more time seems like the heaviest thing in the world to do. I love my babies, and have so many precious moments with them!! So don’t get me wrong. Just plodding through these terrible two’s and adding potty training and constant character training on it all wears me down sometimes.
But today was my birthday, and Stuart made me an awesome card, got me a nice gift, and HE made dinner AND cleaned the kitchen. Life’s good! 🙂

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