Three day Potty Training: Day One

This morning I woke up hoping, but not really believing, that I’d have a potty prodigy living in my house. I’ll be totally honest when I tell you that this is the part of Mommying that I would gladly hire out. I have never “looked forward” to anything in this process except for it’s end. By the way, I have potty trained other children. I was a preschool teacher and a nanny, remember. 😉 So anyway, you’ll all read this post and probably smile, or maybe even guffaw, and that’s fine with me. If you get a kick out of all of this then maybe the day will be worth it after all. Here’s how it went…
7: 30am Introduced underwear and potty seat for the first time. Qade didn’t like the feel of “unders” at all at first, but actually warmed up pretty fast to his cool new clothing. He was a tiny bit nervous about the potty the first time, then he acted like he’d been sitting on it all of his life. Good start! Had a juice box, played with legos, sat on pot 2x with nothing.
8:05am Had first accident right after sitting on pot. Had another juice box, gotta keep that tank full, right? 😉
8:30am Had second accident on floor. Thankfully it wasn’t carpet Put on Baby Einstein so I could put Myles down for nap. Qade sat on towel, just in case. Made more coffee. I’m going to need it!
8:45 Gave another juice box. He loves these things! Also gave M&M for being dry!!
8:50 Accident #3 Small amount of wet in unders. He doesn’t like the feel of “wet” so that’s good. Started using a timer for every 15 min to “tell” us when to sit on potty. Hopefully we’ll have at least one success this morning! Called Stu to pick up more underwear on his way home from work.
9:00 Second cup of coffee- Ahhhhhhhh!!!
9:05 Spent 5 min on pot reading book. No success yet. Gave water
9:15 Accident #4 on floor while we colored. This time he ‘noticed’ while he was going. Puddle!
9:20 Accident #5 While I was starting laundry so we could have underwear. Puddle on floor right after we’d been on pot. Reset timer for 10 min intervals!
9:30 Spent time on pot- nothing
9:45 Spent time on pot- nothing (repeat ever 10 min)
10:20 Accident #6 Caught him in the middle of peeing on floor, but he wouldn’t “finish” in the potty. If he would just go once I know it will make a big difference, but right now it just seems like the house will smell like urine for all eternity!
10:40 SUCCESS!!! Qade initiated going to the potty and had a REAL pee this time!
10:45 Small accident- nothing on pot. Fell off stool and scraped his back. 🙁
11:40 Officially out of clean and dry underwear. Some in the dryer.
11:45 Made it through lunch, no accidents!
12:15pm Wet unders.
12:30 NAP and pull-up, thank goodness!! I am loosing motivation.
1:00 Had some chocolate, refocused, did some ME stuff, phooy on the house! Laundry is going though. 🙂
1:10 Discovered a puddle o’ pee I hadn’t noticed before. Ugh!
2:00 Put dinner in crock pot. Already can’t wait for day to be over! Going to give Qade grapes for snack when he wakes up. He hasn’t had a “pooey” yet today.
3:00 Qade up from nap. Slightly wt pull-up.
3:10 Accident in unders while having snack. Finished snack on the pot. (I know, gross, but what do you do?) 😉
3:20 Juice Box. Myles is having blow-out style diapers. So between changing those and sitting in the bathroom w/ Qade every 10-15 min, it’s busy!
4:15- 5:00ish Qade is having major melt downs. Not potty related, but probably exacerbated by the whole thing. I am about to pull my hair out, and it’s time to get dinner ready!
5:15 I finally call it quits and break out the pull-ups. I’ll still take him potty between now and bed, but this is ridiculous!! Feel like a colossal failure. Plus my teeth hurt because I actually flossed today. What was I thinking???
6:10 Qade did a “pooey” in his pull-up while hanging out with Daddy so Mommy couldn’t “catch” him. We put it in the potty where those things go, and he looks in and says, and I quote, “Rock in there.” Yes, please laugh! 😉
6:30 Qade does another “pooey” in his pull up. *sigh*

And that brings us to now. One way confused kid, one totally spazed out mom, and a bunch of urine soaked, “cars” underwear. I really did do some reevaluating through all of this. I know that the purpose of these 3 days is to get him to recognize his body cues and then act on them, in the potty not the pants. But is all of this really necessary?? I mean, I know that he’s “getting it” when he goes, but having to be constantly dragging him to the potty only to have him wiz on the floor 30 seconds after he’s off seems absurd. I know that I should give this the full 3 days to work the “magic” of the potty queen or whatever she calls herself. However, I honestly don’t think it’s going to be the best thing for THIS family, and that’s what’s important. So call me a wus if you want, but tomorrow, we’re going to set the timer, go to the potty every 20 min, wear pull-ups in between, and celebrate like crazy should “something” make it’s way into the toilet! 🙂 And really, it’s okay if you think this whole thing is funny. I kinda did too as I typed it out. 😉 I’ll keep ya posted…

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