Hello and Goodbye

Well I’m back, sort of. It’s been one of “those” weeks, or is it two? Hmmmm… Anyway, I believe I’ve somewhat emerged, only to dive back in again, oh well, tis life. Lemme explain.
I went to the ladies retreat a couple of weekends ago. It was interesting, but I’m not going to spend much time on it, it’s too long gone. I’ll just say that I enjoyed the time away, and the fellowship with the other camp staff ladies. The speaker was engaging and had some good points, but I won’t be rushing back to that camp any time soon. 🙂

When I got home Sunday afternoon from the retreat I had 2 sick little boys on my hands. Around midnight, I discovered just how sick as I was plunking Qade into the tub and stripping his bed while trying not to gag myself. 🙁 Ugh! Eventually he went through 2 sets of bed changes, and spent the rest of the night on a towel, with another towel as a blanket. Ha! Fortunately it worked fast for him, and by Monday he was “fine” albeit very lazy and not wanting to eat. That was okay with me. Why load them up if you have to clean it? Well, Qade was fine and dandy by Tuesday just in time for Myles to get it. He was very sad and miserable all day not able to even keep down pedialite. 🙁 And nicest of all, he shared it with ME! Grrrrrr!!! I HATE stomach bugs! Anyway, I fought that battle all night and was feeling much better by Thursday… the day we picked to head to Albuquerque for the evening. Smart? Well, not so much. Stu had been doing just swell through the whole ordeal which he attributed to religiously taking his Airborne stuff. Myles seemed to be licking the thing, though he had been hit much harder than Qade. So we packed up and took off, but only an hour down the road Myles baptized his entire car seat! Ugh… he believes in immersion too! So we cleaned that up as much as possible, and rather than taking it as a sign to turn around we plodded on. We had a fine evening in Abq, with no real disasters, but the next day it “hit” Stuart! So he was down for the count for the next 2 days. I was going between my parent’s house, where the boys spent their days, and Oma’s house where we were staying, to help Stu. It was an interesting weekend. The bright spot for me was finding beads at Hobby Lobby at 50% off! 🙂 So after church Sunday morning we came home. Mom called and said that it had “hit” dad and later that night it “hit” her as well. Talk about feeling awful! I have learned a lesson from this mess though, DO NOT leave home unless you are well. It was still good to see the fam. Hopefully we won’t be banished from visiting ever again because we brought the plague with us this time. 😀
So home again, we’ve been trying to put our lives back together after the mess of last week, and the mess of a weekend trip, combined with the regular messes of living with 2 little people who don’t mind mess, it’s been work! Today I have a “needs to be done right now, urgent, right away, stop procrastinating” list a mile long, and because of that, I don’t want to do a thing! That’ll never do though, so I’ve already decided that once I publish this post, I have to get cracking. *sigh*
As for the diving back in, I decided that this MUST be the week that potty training begins. Ha! I figure if I keep waiting for the “perfect” week to show up, it never will, and I’m tired of putting it off. Qade has been in rare form the last couple of days with super powered whining and “forgetting” to obey, so we’ll see how this goes. So for the rest of the week I’ll have to say goodbye as I won’t have the leisure to sit down and write a post. Of course, as inconsistent as I’ve been lately anyway, you probably won’t notice. Perhaps I’ll have a chance during a naptime (which I WILL be using pull-ups for, I don’t see changing sheets multiple times a day as a necessary part of the “training” process) to jump online and let you know how frazzled I am or how miraculously Qade has taken to his big boy unders. 😉 We shall see. Ta ta till next time!

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