Smellin’ of the rain

It smells so good outside! I want to open all of the windows and doors and let the wonderful rainy smell come wafting in!! We saw 4 “rain bugs” (according to Stuart) on our after dinner walk last night so I guess they were predicting this. 🙂 So far nary a drop has fallen, but I’m sure it must be out there with the way it’s smelling anyway. The lads are napping, so I wont throw open the house to the wind just yet. Well, Myles is napping… I just heard Qade knocking on his door, but as no one opened it, I guess he decided to amuse himself with something in his room. 😉
The boys have been napping separately recently. We are trying to work through some sleep issues with them. For one thing in the evening, Myles is READY for bed and goes down no problem. But Qade has decided that it’s great fun when it’s his “turn” to go to bed to jump up, turn on the light (with the help of a book) and wake up his little brother by pouncing in his bed. Hmmmm… this does not make for a happy Mommy. I really look forward to evenings with Stuart without little people crawling and tugging and fussing at me constantly. So the past couple of nights we’ve put Qade to bed first, which he does NOT like because it’s still light outside! Once he’s sleeping soundly Myles gets his chance to go to bed. Poor Myles though, doesn’t like to “have” to stay up because of big bro’s issues, so I’ve been putting him down in the spare room to start out, then when Qade has gone away to dream land, I move him to his ‘real’ bed. It’s a lot of back and forth and kind of a bother, but until Qade can learn the importance of staying in his bed at bedtime it seems to be the best choice.
Anyway, the new computer is behaving beautifully! Now we are looking for a small deskish type thing that will go under it for my keyboard and mouse. It’s great to have it on the wall for movies and such, but when I want to work on it I have to use the coffee table, and let me tell ya, my knees don’t appreciate sitting Japanese style on the floor for very long. 🙂 So we’re looking for something, and Stu has some great ideas, he’s good about that!
I have been photo editing from the wedding I shot last weekend. It’s lots of fun! I should have started doing this earlier. There are hundreds of photos to sift through, so I’m sure they will end up with a lot of pretty pictures of their special day.
I’ve been feeding a flock of humming birds lately. Usually they feed one at a time, and chase each other away. However there have been swarms of them around my feeder!! I guess they are tanking up for their flight South or something. I have to fill the feeder 2 times a day to keep up with them! I took some pictures that hopefully I’ll post on here sometime soon, and in one of them I counted 17 hummers at one time! They are attracted to bright colors and will “buzz” down to investigate Myles’ exersaucer toys, even when he’s sitting in it! 🙂
Well, the lads are both awake and talking so I should get them up to move too. 🙂 Hope you all are enjoying your weekend. I shall post again soon with pictures! 😉

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