Just breathe!

I feel like I’ve been running a bunch of little races lately. 🙂 It’s been busy! A weekend ago we were at Stu’s parent’s place. Well, we had a wonderful kidless anniversary at a really nice bed and breakfast! That was fun! Then I had a CCW course so that I can be a pistol packin’ mama. 🙂 Now to wait the 75 days they have to even look at the application before I can get the license… but that’s okay. Gives me time to shop for a nice bag. Anyway…
This weekend… well week, I was taking wedding photos for one of our “camp couples.” Two of our summer staff from previous summers got hitched at camp! What fun! They asked Stu and I to do their photos, so we did, mostly I did. We had a photo shoot on Wednesday with just the bride and groom, then did the regular wedding photos on Friday for the wedding. I begin to understand why most photographers charge so much! It’s exhausting work!! But it IS fun too. 😀 I enjoyed it, and am glad for the experience. We also did the digital video so we’ll have to work on a lot of post processing for both the photos and the video. Those were the 2 elements that we were disappointed in with our wedding, so we tried to do a great job so this couple wouldn’t feel the same. Of course we PAID our photographer, and he still did a lousy job! We made sure to let our couple know that we are NOT professional so not to have those kinds of expectations. Still, I think we got enough really good shots that they’ll be very happy with it. Wedding photography is something that I could totally get into as long as I get to know my camera better and am confident with it. I’m sure I could do a swell job, and I like to do creative, non-typical stuff too, so we’ll see if that ever goes anywhere. 😉
There’s a ladies retreat coming up that I and several of the other “camp wives” will be going too. I’m really looking forward to it. One, it’ll be a break from the kids and laundry. Ha! And two, I’ve not been to a ladies retreat since I was the ‘youth speaker/singer” at one 4 years or so ago. Anyway, I went to one in high school and it kind of turned me off to ladies retreats. The women stayed up all night talking about child birth and playing pranks on one another. Hmmmm…. well, I’m sure this one will be great! Hopefully it’ll make me want to go back again. 🙂
The boys are doing well. Qade is learning to share, slowly. 🙂 He has learned the ever popular word “mine.” Especially when it comes to his treasured cars. He has 10 of them or more, but heaven forbid Myles try to touch one. Even if Qade is not playing with them at that moment, he NEEDS it as soon as Myles makes a move to touch one. Qade is learning to use his words more though. He now will say “No, thank you” instead of just yell NO if he doesn’t want something. He’s also learning to tell us what the problem is or what has happened to him rather than scream…. sometimes. 😉 Just a couple of days ago several times he would laugh at something then say “funny.” It’s so fun to watch him learn and apply concepts. I mean really, how would you explain funny??
Myles is pulling himself up on EVERYTHING now! He’s even figured out how to get back down! I thought it would be awhile before he figured out the lowering part. I had to rescue him several times at nap and bedtime when he was “stuck” standing up, but it was only a couple days till he figured out how to get down by himself. He’s not nearly as cautious as Qade was. Myles doesn’t mind just letting go and flopping on his rump, but Qade would absolutely not let go unless he could come down gently. It’s been fun to watch the boys play together. Myles probably would enjoy some solo play more often. Qade tends to follow him around everywhere trying to instigate a wrestling match by pushing him down on the floor or sitting on top of him. Myles has figured out that he can “holler” for help if brother is becoming too much. 🙂 They do get along though and enjoy each other’s company. They would rather be together with all of the ‘irritations’ involved than to be by themselves. 🙂 Cute!
Well, I’ll stop gabbing for now. We’ve been in computer transition lately with Stu getting a new laptop because of all the issues with the last one, so that’s part of why I’ve been neglecting my blog… that and the aforesaid business. So hopefully when MY computer comes in this week, yes I get one too!!!! I’ll be able to post more consistently. But first I must get through the photos and wedding video editing. Wish me luck!

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