Love that “HOME” feeling!

We’re back!!! Love being home! Wow! I don’t think I knew just how much I missed home till we actually got here and the HUGE sense of relief and joy that washed over me while we unpacked. Ahhhhhhh! (Contented sigh) Stuart said he thought I didn’t care for our lil town, but I helped him understand that it wasn’t the town or even the house it was just “home.” At least I think I helped him understand. 🙂 It’s really hard to describe that feeling. So yesterday we were busy busy trying to get stuff done. Well, I had to go grocery shopping, so that was most of my business, but Stu was vacuuming and steam cleaning all the carpets!! What a man! He also mopped and organized while he put things away. The floors are amazing! They feel so good on our feet now! There were gobs of cat hair all over the place when we got home. Unfortunately our sweet lil kitty has longish hair… we’re thinking of getting her shaved. 😀 But I told Stu that I’d ever so much rather have cat hair than be infested with mice! Today I still have a bit of unpacking to do, but the light at the end of the tunnel is very bright!
Qade has been working on being our big boy. We still have to work with him daily on the whining thing, but we can see progress too. He was “wigging” on Sunday when we packed up our “Mary and Laura” cabin to come home, but again I think it was just the insecurity of seeing his “home” being pulled apart. I remember him doing it too when we were packing to GO to camp. So I sat down with him for a minute and explained that we were packing all of our things to go to our house where we’d see our dog and cat, and that Mommy, Daddy, Qade and Myles were ALL going to get in the car and go. After that he sat on the couch with Buford and did much better. 🙂 Even lil’ guys need explanations sometimes. Speaking of Buford. The other day Qade brought him out, laid him on the floor and said, “Change diaper.” Now Buford was NOT wearing a diaper, but Mommy put one on him anyway for Qade’s sake. 🙂 Maybe we can get Buford some “big boy underwear” in a little while too. 😉 I got Qade’s potty seat and a little stool and some “unders” that have cars on them!!! He was interested in those for a little while yesterday, just to see the cars. We’re gearing up for sure. Ha ha ha!
Last evening at the table Qade was mimicking Myles’ squeals. He does it pitch perfect too, it’s amazing, but it can also be annoying to have 2 squealing babies. So we told Qade to use his words to “talk” to Myles. It was so funny because Stuart would say a sentence for Qade to tell Myles, and then Qade would repeat it in this high little voice that he uses when he’s talking “nice” to Myles. Cracked me up!
Myles is doing great with our move home. He doesn’t seem to be bothered with it like he was that one weekend. Poor guy has a little shiner, complements of his big brother throwing a book at him! And he had a little knot on his forehead too from falling on his face. Poor lad looked like he’d been in a row! He’s a speedy little crawler now, though most of the time it’s still one foot and one knee. 😀 He looks funny! Yesterday while I was cleaning in the kitchen I heard him squalling in the back bedroom. I knew Qade was in there with him so I assumed that Myles was being tackled again (something Qade has decided is his favorite sport) so I walked in. I saw Qade on the floor at the end of the bed looking under and poor Myles had somehow completely gone under the bed and was stuck and NOT very happy about it. 🙂 It was actually pretty funny. I pulled him out and he was fine, but I told Qade that he could come ask Mommy for help for Myles. He was just sitting there watching the whole time. 😉 The boys do enjoy each others company, but have their “moments” as I’m sure you can imagine. They are both learning to share, and I’m sure they’re going to be the fastest friends growing up. 🙂
Okay, well that’s enough of my ramblings. I wrote a fantastic blog post full of wit and fun the other day and accidentally lost it when I tried to publish, so that totally disheartened me from writing again too soon. 🙂 Hopefully this one will make it out to cyber space and y’all will have the chance to waste time reading all of this. Ha! Have a sparkling week!