Here and There

That’s where we’ve been lately. Here at the cabin or there at home and everywhere inbetween. We’re headed home ‘for good’ more or less this weekend, and it’ll be such a relief to not have stuff spread out all over creation. 🙂 We’ve slowly been carrying stuff back as we go for one reason or another, so that’s helpful. My stroller is home, but Qade’s bike is still with us, that’s a good thing! When we went back yesterday, well actually Tuesday evening, we got there to discover that a tree had fallen on the power line. De Ja Vous! So there was no electric, but amazingly enough the power people got out there right away and worked on it till about midnight and got it back up and running! I was so thankful for that! I don’t sleep well at all when my brain is “straining” to hear the lads rather than the comfort of having the monitor right there.
Monday both boys had to have shots. Qade just got one, but Myles had 3, poor boy! I feel SO terrible every time they have to get shots! Myles woke up on Tuesday with a fever and very very sad. He’d just sit on the floor crying. Those little tears just make me feel even more guilty. But I gave him ibuprofen and sure enough once it kicked in he was back to being more happy at least. Tuesday night, the one w/o power, Myles had a very hard time sleeping. I worked and worked with him. Finally I gave him a bottle and just rocked and rocked, which he usually doesn’t go for (well the rocking part) but he eventually fell asleep, and did fine even when I transferred him to his bed. By Wednesday you’d never know that he had shots, it’s just that first day/night that we have to work through. I’m happy though that he won’t need any more shots till 15 months!! We don’t get the chicken pox one, and put off the MMR till 15, so that’s a good 6 months of shot freedom! 🙂
I’ve told you before about the spitting that Qade finds so irresistible, right? Well, now Myles is spitting too… raspberries and such, normal baby stuff. The problem is that Qade loves to mimic his brother, and Myles just squeals with delight when he does. So now I’m in a pickle. I don’t know how to get Qade to stop doing it, when I obviously can’t stop Myles. It’s just so “unfair” when I have to discipline Qade for something that his little bro “gets away with.” Ya know?? Car time is the worst. So at this point we’ve decided that if he is mimicing Myles that we will let it go as long as it’s not projectile spitting. I know, it seems like we’re flip-flopping, but we parents have to learn and grow in this process along with our kids. Sometimes we try something and later realize that it’s either not working or not the best thing for that time.
Anyway, Qade is showing more and more signs of being ready to transition to the potty. 🙂 I’m actually looking forward to it in a way. Being at home will help heaps! Woo-Hoo! Myles is now mr. crawler-man! He has the same “gimp” crawl that Qade had with one knee and one foot. He also “tip-toes” over things that get in his way and it’s hysterical! He’s really trying to pull himself up on things and gets a little frustrated sometimes that he can’t. I’m wondering if he’ll be a walker sooner than Qade was because now that he’s got the moving thing down he seems impatient to “catch up.” We’ll see. It’s fun to have him moving. He likes to come find mommy when I happen to be in a different room. It’s cute to see his little head poke around a corner and then just light up with a huge grin. It’s like we’re playing hide-n-seek and he just “found” me, except I didn’t realize it was a game. Fun!
Well I do have other things to do than write extremely long blog posts, but you wouldn’t know it to look at in now would ya? 🙂 Hope you have all had fantastic weeks. I’m planning to post some pictures to FB today also if I get a chance so check that out if you’re on. Toodles!
Stuart has been having to leave for work at the property at around 4am, whoa! I don’t care for the early hours, but it’ll be over soon.