Littlest Buddy

Recently I got to have some great Myles and Mommy time! One day he and I went to do some errands in a town about an hour and a half away. He was a great little traveler! I got to try out my ring sling with him, and he sat in it wonderfully through the bank AND Wal-Mart!! It was a pretty hot day though, so we were both hot and sweaty by the time shopping was done. Still it was so much fun to get to spend one on one time with him. I miss that sometimes, because with the 2 monkeys in my house there’s always something or someone else competing for attention. When Myles in in the sling and he starts to get sleepy he cuddles, and I love it!!! Myles is not my cuddly child for sure, but is growing more so as he gets bigger, which seems weird.
Anyway, this past weekend he and I had some more quality time as I went to Abq for my cousin’s wedding. Qade got to stay home and do manly work with Daddy, and of course he had the time of his life! Me and Myles had fun too. Anyway, the wedding was beautiful and even though the reception was late, Myles did great! He started to have a melt down part way into things, but actually relaxed while I rocked him enough to go to sleep!! That was special for me too! Myles does not like to be rocked before bed. He wants to be put down and let alone when he decides he’s sleepy, and he won’t “go down” just anywhere. Typically it’s either his bed or his car seat, and nothing else will do. So this Mommy was happy to get to rock her baby boy to sleep for once.
Myles has finally figured out that he really can crawl forward! In our little cabin there’s not much floor space so he hasn’t had to do more than skoot a little to get what he wanted. This weekend however he was in actual houses with cool things to explore, and off he went. 🙂 He’s still a little “gimpy” in his crawl, but he’s got forward momentum! Qade’s world is changing with this new mile-stone. His precious, perfectly lined up cars are no longer safe from the chomping jaws of little brother. 🙂 It’s great times!
With new territory comes new boundaries and Myles is learning “no-no’s” with the unwelcome aid of his big bro as well. 🙂 This morning I was telling Myles no-no to something while I put on Qade’s shoes. Myles did stop and look at me, but Qade thought he needed more “reinforcement” so as soon as he was free he ran over and smacked Myles’ hand! Myles was totally unaffected, but Mommy put a stop to that right away. First born children try to be little parents I’ve noticed. Just never knew it would start so early!
Myles now weighs about 19 and a half pounds!! He’s a whopper! I just realized today that in 3 months our “baby” will be one!! How fast it flies! Makes me kinda sad, but I’m enjoying the journey. I have “plans” for Myles once we get settled in at home again. He needs to start drinking exclusively from a sippy, start off on milk and yogurt, and eating table food with “chunks.” He tried some of this the other day and kind of freaked out at the chunks. I don’t get it because he will munch little finger foods and crackers, but if you put it on a spoon somehow it becomes impossible to mash or swallow. 😀 Qade reacted that way too, so we’ll work through it. However all of these are future events. I’m not going to start any “growing pains” while we’re still in limbo.
Qade too has some goals, but he doesn’t know it. 🙂 Potty training will be the biggest one for sure! I’m looking forward and dreading it all at the same time, but it must be done. Eating totally independently is also another goal. This one isn’t that big of a deal because he’s practically there. I’ve just been feeding him more while we’ve been at camp for sake of ease and mess. 🙂 Soon that will be past and he can make a royal mess while he feeds his own face. He’s usually pretty accurate anyway.
So that’s some of the stuff on my lads. Hope you all are having a swell start to your week. Ta ta

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