New week, new post

Happy Monday. I finally know what day it is! 😀 This weekend was fun. After we scrubbed the very dirty rooms of our summer staff, which was NOT fun, we packed up our family and spent the night at a hotel! It was great fun just to be in a real bed and away. One thing that didn’t get packed was Qade’s pac-n-play. Oops! Thankfully we had a King sized bed, ahhhhh! When we checked in, I got the boys up on the bed right away. Myles went a little bonkers on all those acres of bed to flop on. He and Qade squealed with delight as the would flop all over the bed and wrestle with the pillows. I got the biggest kick watching them, and reffing of course. 😉 Had to make sure none of those head dives actually went off the bed! Myles went to bed easily, I was surprised because Qade was still very “up.” Qade slept between Mommy and Daddy on the bed, and if we didn’t sleep as soundly as typical, it was okay. This is the first time Qade has slept in “our bed” since he was just a few months old, so it was special. I think Daddy got kicked a couple of times, and I had to move him over as he seemed determined to push me off the bed, but overall it was fine. 🙂

In the morning Qade and I took a trip to the lobby to get us all some breakfast. In the hall an older couple was coming along and Qade looked at the lady and said, “Good morning!” just as friendly as could be. She was so taken by him that they had quite a little chat about breakfast, then when her husband came out Qade said good morning to him as well. They both thought he was quite something with his good manners. It was cute! Qade can be a little social bug when he feels like it. We took the boys to the nursery at church and amazingly Qade didn’t put up a fuss at all when we left. Awwww, our little lad is getting so big and grown up!

Well, that was pretty much our weekend. We came back to camp after church and picked up some chicken from the grocery store which we had with sweet potatoes. 🙂 Nummy!! Today is “recovery Monday” so I need to get our little abode in order. Last night Myles woke up screaming at 1am, so I lost a bit of sleep. Maybe I can take a nap this afternoon when the boys go down. Ha! 🙂 Hope you’ve had a fabulous weekend and are ready for a new week!

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