Ah, the sweet music of nap time!

Hello friends! Camp in AZ is over. Seems like it went so fast once we got going. 🙂 Now Stuart is helping at the new property and I am holding down the fort in our “Laura and Mary” cabin. Ha ha! I use my imagination often to make mundane things more fun. One of the families that came as sponsors this summer has 5 kids. They stayed in this cabin before and because there is a loft they dubbed it the “Laura and Mary” cabin after the “Little House on the Prairie” characters. If I imagine that I’m “back then” it helps me to not get irritated over the small inconveniences. For example, I’m trying, as I write, to boil water on a single electric burner to make pasta. I’ve been at it for nearly an hour and no boiling yet! But if I think about having to boil water on the top of a wood burning stove, or even an open fire, it doesn’t seem so bad. 😀 Another thing I use my imagination for is when I’m cooking, not just here. I like to pretend that I’m a contestant on “Iron Chef America” and for some reason that makes cooking more fun. 😉 So I’m wacky, but at least I enjoy life.

Our plan for this evening is to have a picnic lunch in the park. I will take the boys to meet Stu and we’ll have our pasta salad. (Provided the water ever boils) That is the plan. But the sky is threatening and grumbling right now so I’m not sure if it’ll all work out. We’ll just play it by ear. Speaking of ears, I got my “fiddle method” book in the mail!! Now I can start practicing how to fiddle. Ha! I’m sure you all are happy that I won’t be within hearing range for you. 😉 I’m interested to see how the boys react to it.

My sling rings also came in the mail, and I’ve been “practicing” slinging both Qade and Myles in a Lava Lava from Samoa. It makes a great, and only slightly short sling. I don’t really need it to be longer, but I’m going to stitch one end so that I don’t have to think about 2 ends on the rings. I’ll have to post a picture of me using it sometime. Stuart said I look like I’m from Africa. 😉 Little too light, I think. Qade will ask to “sit in it” when he sees me putting it on. He thinks it’s a novelty for sure. I practiced first on him and we looked at ourselves in the mirror and he thought he was pretty cool “riding” mommy that way. 🙂 Fun stuff!

Today I’ve been trying to get resettled in our cabin. The laundry has been put away, dishes done, boys fed and changed oodles, hung a hummer feeder (which they have already found!) and now that the boy-o’s are napping it’s time for me to tidy the living area and the kitchen again. 🙂 Hope you all are having a fabulous July. I think I’ll be able to post more often these days, but we will see.

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