A Draggin’ Start

That’s what this camp week is having. The teens, not all of them of course, seem to have a severe lack of energy. The counselors are doing their best to get them pumped up, but it’s a challenge to be sure. 🙂 Oh the days of camp counseling. Sometimes I miss it, and other times I’m happy to be on the outside lookin’ in. 😉 But do pray for the kids who are here this week. God can do a great work in their hearts through camp if they will open up.
On to other things. Qade has started saying, “wack-um” when I tell him thank you. 😉 Can you guess what that means? Ha ha ha! He’s cute, but difficult too. Qade is my adorable helper on many occasions. He loves to take diapers to the trash for me when I’m changing Myles. He’s also pretty good about picking up the dead bugs, but he has to have a wipe or a kleenex before he’ll pick them up. 😀 Our most recent challenge with him has come as a result of greater mobility. He learned to climb out of his pack n play. I was pretty sure that he could do it for some time now, but he hadn’t tested it himself. Now that HE knows he can get out, it’s been difficult to keep him in. We have a few concept sharing times at bedtime and nap time, but one day I’m sure he’ll “get it.”
Myles is still working on the crawl. He sometimes seems motivated to move, like when he’s after his big brother’s snack! Most of the time though, he’s content to sit or roll, so he’s not working too diligently on the other stuff. I’m okay with that though because I know that all of our worlds will be changing once he does figure out how to get around on his own. He’s still such a sweetheart and has smiles and giggles for everyone he sees. When I was in Wal-Mart with him this weekend, he found one of the old man workers very hilarious and just kept laughing at him. 🙂 He was kinda funny lookin. 😉
I’m starting to look forward to being “home” again. It’s been fun to be at camp, and the little cabin is great and all, but I do miss just regular home stuff. 🙂 Home cooked food would be nice too. 😉 Well, I’ve got to get myself busy, but wanted to send a hidy out to my faithful blog readers. Hope your summers are going swell!

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