Where the Wild Things Live

They live all around us apparently! This weekend was a great “wild thing” sighting time. On Saturday we were driving into town for our park fun when out of no where I saw a bear! I was looking intently for Elk because they often are along that way, but sure enough back in the woods there was a big fuzzy bear! I did a double take and then yelled out “A beeeeaaaaaaar!” (so Stuart says I said) and freaked everyone out. We turned around but “Teddy” had already disappeared into the thick woods so no one else got to behold him. Ain’t I special? We also saw the Elk and occasional Mule Deer, and a little heard of Antelope with their babies, too cute! Then yesterday as we were driving back from the new camp property just around dusk I saw a bob cat off in the field. I hollered again and Stu stopped and turned around. This time we were lucky enough to both get to see it. He was just sitting there in the grass waiting for us. Once he decided that we had actually seen him, he wandered off into the brush, but that was pretty cool! We also saw this ENORMOUS heard of Elk just grazing away like cows in a field. There were LOTS of them out last night. I’m sure we saw a couple hundred of them all together. It’s so cool to be in a place where you can experience God’s creation first hand! I told Stu that it was too bad that Qade had no concept of how cool it was to get to see all of these critters. But then again, Qade thinks that it’s awesome to look out the car window and see “Tows” and “Howsies” (cows and horseys) so he is impressed with God’s creation too. Maybe I should learn to think it’s cool just to see a cow or a horse. They are after all, just as much a part of creation as the Elk, Bear and Bobcat. 🙂 I can learn so much from my little lads!

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