Wonderful Park

We were introduced to an amazing park last fall in the “town” closest to camp. We’ve availed ourselves of this treasure several times this summer. It’s great! Now that Qade is old enough to want to do some of that stuff, it’s great fun! The boys especially love the swings. Myles just squeals with delight as he swings back and forth. He’ll also chomp on the rubber if he gets a chance. 😉 Qade likes the “baby” swings too because he can swing high, but he will also hang on tight on the “big kid” swings while Daddy pushes him. Today we got to go again, oh and let me just tell you this is one of the NICEST city parks I have ever seen! Nicely kept GREEN grass, and the play equipment is all very nice and well maintained. There’s more than one set of play stuff, and a sand volleyball court, basketball court and a fenced in skate park as well. It’s just awesome! Anyway today the grandparent Noggles were here and we all took a little trip to see the progress of the new camp property and after had some fun in the park. There were quite a few kids there today and I had several interesting little conversations with some gals playing there. One little four year old named Maddy claimed Qade as her own and played with him nearly the entire time. She was funny! Another little lady named Summer who was 3 (but almost 4!) told me all of her brothers and sisters names as well as her parents and babysitter and what they were all doing today. 🙂 So funny! Girls are just so chatty it cracks me up!
Well this up coming week will be our last camp week here in AZ. Most of the staff will be traveling to Canada, but we are going to stick around and help with uh… something. 😀 Not quite sure yet what all, but I’m planning to use the time to inventory the store stuff and do things like that. I believe that Stu will be helping at the property with whatever is going on there. It’s kind of hard to believe that the actual camping part of our summer is almost over. It seems like we spend so much time looking forward to it and “whoosh” it’s gone. 🙂 I won’t be sad to get back to a “normal” life though. It is hard to transplant our family each summer. I’m looking ahead to the day when, Lord willing, we will be permanently at camp and can devote all of our time to that rather than be pulled in so many different ways. I know though, that God has us in this “limbo” time for a reason, and I don’t want to miss out on the blessings and lessons that He will bring our way through this. Hopefully this year we will pick up some meetings and some financial support. In the mean time I know we’ll keep doing what we need to do and God will direct our path.
I’m going to attempt to find some babysitting work again this fall when we get home. I want to keep it limited to school hours so that when Stu is subbing we all have the same schedule. If you think of it pray that God will bring along the “right” kids for the job. 🙂 I’m so happy that I’ve been able to stay at home with our lads, but I think that if I can help with the income even a little, it’ll be a big help in the long run. Stu will be able to work on getting meetings more at least. So anyway, those are some of my thoughts for the soon to be future. 🙂 But between now and then we’re here doing what needs to be done. Camp is exhausting work, but so fun too! We love it!

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