Happy Daddy’s Day

It’s difficult for us to really celebrate while camp is in full swing, but we carved out some fam time yesterday and the boys gave their daddy his card. (I even got them to “decorate” it with crayon, but Myles kept trying to eat them so it was a fast art session!) I gave Stu his daddy’s day gift which was a sealing wax kit for the note writing that he likes to do. Hopefully it’ll work well. We took the boys out to the ball field and played for awhile then took a family walk in the national forest. So we actually had dad’s day a little early, but it’s easier than trying to cram something in on a Sunday between everything else. 🙂
Today after church we and our good friends Matt, Rachel and baby Benton are all going to spend the evening and night in a cabin away from camp. It worked out that this cabin was available for get aways free to us. 🙂 So we’re taking advantage of the chance to spend some time with pals. In previous summers we have stayed with them in the staff house, but as that wasn’t available this summer we’ve been split up and kind of miss the time to just chat in the evenings. Since our little fam isn’t going to Canada this summer our time is cut short for good fellowship. It’s something that we’ve come to miss living in the middle of no where. 🙂 So we’re stocking up on as much as we can this summer, and that will get us through quite a ways.
This past week we had a great time at camp! The atmosphere was different, of course, but I think that a lot of good decisions were made. The speaker has a great way of connecting with young people, and I’m sure it’s a week of camp that they will never forget. I was busy, but not as busy as the week before. Mom and Dad were here and that helped a TON! I’m always able to focus much better when I know that someone is looking after the boys. Having that burden lifted was such a help! I had to make a couple of “town trips” this week so I didn’t get to know the campers as well, but it was all fun anyway. Some of the kids I’ve known for several years of coming to camp, and it’s exciting and fun to watch them grow up and change.
The lads are doing well. Myles is still working on crawling. He can get up on his knees and elbows usually and then will rock a bit, but hasn’t got the forward momentum down yet. He’s so fun to watch though. He and Qade like to ‘wrestle’ and they will both laugh hysterically the whole time. Qade is still working on his obedience skills. He’s two for sure! 🙂 It’s a challenging, but rewarding time. Some days I feel like it’s a battle from sun up to sun down (or later!), but on other days, he will respond right away the right way, and does it with a happy heart as well! So while I can get worn down and somewhat discouraged at times, I still am seeing progress and know that he is learning important life lessons and so am I. I’m learning each day that God is so patient with me. I’m that “spiritual two year old” kicking and screaming my way through life because I want things to go MY way. 🙂 I’m so very thankful that God has more patience with me than I often do with my son.
I’m reading again the book “Don’t Make Me Count to Three” and it’s SO good!! It’s probably one of the BEST parenting books, discipline wise, that I’ve read, and I’ll probably read it often in the years ahead. It’s a reminder to use heart centered discipline when training our kids rather than just behavior modification. Anyway, I highly recommend it so if you get a chance BUY it! It’s not long, and is easy reading, but will totally change your perspective on training your kids.
Well, this has gone longer than I expected, and I have a lad complaining of a “pooey” so I need to take care of that issue. 🙂 Hope you all have a wonderful Father’s day! I’m so thankful for my Dad! He’s a great example of a godly dad, and I hope to follow in his footsteps, only on the mommy side. Ha! Toodles!! 🙂