I Live!!!

Hello faithful readers. I have SO many stories to share with you, but so little time. 🙂 Camp is in full swing and I find myself busier than ever this year with the acquired responsibility of the craft shop. We have completed our first successfull week of camp FULL to capacity!! Next week will be just as packed, but we love the energy. Unfortunately I can’t hop on here often, but did want to let you know I’m still breathing and think about all the wonderful chuckles you all are missing out on my blog. 🙂
So I’ll just share one with you. The cabin we are staying in has had quite the assortment of bugs. Ick! Stu and I have been faithfully dispatching them though and apparently Qade had taken notice. One day as I was playing with both lads on the rug, Qade jumped up and exclaimed “Oh man! A bug!!” Then he ran over to his shoes, grabbed one and came back to smash an already dead moth, to smithereens! It was SOOOO funny! He has become quite the expert bug tracker and helped me let out 6, yes 6, hornets out of our cabin today. 😉 Hope you are all enjoying your summer!
I shall endeavor to post whenever the opportunity arises. Myles nearly crawled tonight too! What great times!

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