Buford the crying cow

Yesterday morning the boys slept till almost 8!!! WOW! They then entertained each other quite nicely while mommy was getting ready for the day. When I did go into the room, Qade was walking around holding his build-a-bear cow named Buford. He looked slightly concerned as he told me “Boofud cying.” It really humored me to think that not only was he pretending that his cow was crying, he was also working hard to comfort him by hugging him tight as he walked around the room! What an imagination for a 2 yr old! 🙂 I was pretty impressed. But just to let you know Buford got over it quickly and Qade took him out of the room and placed him in his special plastic chair. 🙂 So fun!
Myles is doing so well! He has cut 3 teeth in the past week and a half, and has one more on the way (I think). Yet he hasn’t been fussy or grumpy at all. He’s such a sweet heart! He is sitting up well on his own these days, though I often put a pillow behind him anyway because he will topple over if he gets excited about something. He has finally mastered the “roll-over” ha! We were wondering if he’d just forget about that talent altogether and just go to walking! I knew that when he was finally motivated to do it, he’d just do it and that’s exactly what he did! Qade was slightly disturbed when Myles rolled within reach of his carefully lined up cars. I can tell already we’re going to have some ‘sharing’ issues. Qade doesn’t mind sharing when he can choose the toy and take it to Myles. When Myles comes to get one himself, well that’s a different story. 😉
I’ve been working on camp registrations lately. It’s exciting to see the names of campers that have come in the past, and of course all the new names! Can’t wait till we get to meet everyone! Our staff will be slowly trickling in over the next couple of weeks, and we’re really looking forward to getting to know them well. Camp is an awesome place! We love it!
Well, I’d better get busy on this… what is it… Wednesday?? I think so. Well happy day to you anyway. 🙂

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