Where Oh Where Could He Be?

That’s what I’ve been thinking the past few nights. I’m happy to report that the boys have completed their 3rd successful night of rooming together! Ahhhhhh, tis so nice! I sleep OOODLES better when there’s not a baby in my room. 🙂 So far our routine has been that Myles goes down around 7 (he just can not last longer!) and then about an hour later (it’s been more like an hour and a half because the grandparents are here and Qade is reveling in the spoiling) Qade goes down. The tricky part has been getting Qade into his room and rocked and into his bed without totally disturbing the sleeping Myles. It hasn’t been easy, let me tell ya, because Qade has decided that he needs to pitch a royal fit every time “nigh-night” is mentioned. Ugh! Last night we did manage to wake up Myles, but he gave a short fuss and that was the end of it, so I’m encouraged that he can figure out how to get back to sleep even when interrupted by his brother.
So Myles is still getting a “bet-time” bottle before I go to bed. I’m going to start working toward getting him off of that, but for now one hurtle at a time. 🙂 Anyway, 2 nights ago I creapt into the room, so as not to wake Qade, and snagged Myles out of his crib. As I made my way to the rocker to sit down I noticed something on it. In the dark it was hard to tell what it was. I knew Qade had been up after I put him down so I figured it was some of his animals or something. Just before I started to sit I looked a little closer and realized it WAS Qade!! He was all curled up, sound asleep, in the seat of the rocker! Ha! Poor guy, it would have been a surprise if I had sat on him. I had to go get Stu to see it, and he transported the sleeping tot back to his bed. Last night I again went in not knowing what to expect. I looked at Qade’s bed first, no him. Looked at the rocker, no him. Looked at the pile of animals and blankets on the floor, still no him. Hummm?? Stu walked in and I told him I couldn’t find Qade. I had picked Myles up already, but suddenly the crib started rattling, and low and behold, out crawled Qade from under it! Ha! As far as I know he spent the rest of his night in his big-boy bed, but I wouldn’t bet money on it for sure! 🙂 As long as he sleeps all night and wakes up happy I suppose it doesn’t really matter. 😉
Well, my parents came for a visit, and it’s been so fun to have them here. Qade just LOVES all the attention and spoilin’ he gets. They watched the boys for us while we attended the funeral for Mark this week. It was a good service, and the grace that the family is showing in the face of all of this is amazing. It really makes me so thankful that we do have a relationship with Christ and a promise of life eternal. Joey’s memorial service is this week as well and we are planning to go to that as well. Joey hasn’t yet been found and there’s a possibility that he won’t be by this point. Please continue to pray that he will be recovered. The family would really do well to have that closure, I know.
Well, we are all wearing Lime-Green today in celebration! Hope that you all have been having a swell week. Ta ta for now.

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