Keeping on

Well friends, I’m sorry I’ve been the bummer of a blogger lately. Life has been busy, and with everything that has happened recently I just haven’t felt like keeping up. But I know that even when we’re sad and hurting, we can still smile and laugh at funny things and enjoy the breeze and the birds, I’ve seen some interesting ones, Oma! My heart hurts right now it’s true, but I still find little springs of joy in my daily life. Living with my 2 little monkeys it’s hard not to have a smile on my face frequently. I hope you will all continue to pray for the Merrill family and the other family as well. Joey has still not yet been found, and even though we know that he’s gone, we need the closure. No matter how the odds are stacked against hope, it still persists and we know that God can work miracles, but we have to be able to let him go. The family is in limbo without knowing exactly how to plan. Please pray that the boys are found soon!
Qade and Myles are doing great! Mr. Big-Stuff is now 2 and seems to be getting years older by the day. His comprehension and communication skills are really improving so fast it’s amazing! He is back to sleeping in his crib right now. He’s been asking to sleep there instead of his big-boy bed, so I’m just putting him there for now. He will have to survive the summer in his pack-n-play anyway, so I’ll put him back once we get home after camp. By then I hope to have the boys being roomies anyway, so he won’t have an option. 🙂 Myles is his own sweet little self. He’s doing great at sleeping at night, but does tend to get disturbed by Stu and I. He’ll wake up at 4am or whatever if he hears us roll over, so I’m thinking that maybe sleeping w/ big bro might help. Perhaps Qade is a quieter sleeper????? Myles is quickly approaching his 7 month mark, and still has no interest in rolling over from his back at all. Lazy boy! I “make” him have some tummy time each day, and he can skoot around on his belly pretty well, but he doesn’t like it at all. He has been having a blast in the exercauser though. I haul it outside so we can sit in the shade and watch Qade ride his “bike.” It is warming up and getting nice, but I tend to still be pretty chilly in the mornings. Makes picking clothes interesting. 🙂
We’re gearing up for camp, and really are getting excited about that. There are lots of details yet, but there are many more people to help work those out as well. Hope that y’all are doing swell and enjoying your spring times. Can’t believe summer 2009 is already upon us! Time sure does fly! Ta for now.

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