That’s what my lads are doing more of these days. Qade is so funny! His vocab is growing by leaps and bounds as well as his ability to communicate more clearly to us. I can see the wheels in his head turning as he tries to come up with the best way to tell me whatever it is. He’s been adding his own syllables to words he knows to create a “sentence” and it sounds something like this: I say, “Go get your drink. It’s in the kitchen” his repeat is, “Yo-ee, yo-ee dink, yo-ee yo-ee yo-ee tichen.” 😀 It cracks me up! Another thing he does is call everything he has no word for “dis.” So he’ll ask me for something and vaguely point in some random direction all the while saying “dis” and even adding “peas” because he knows that asking politely is the best way to get something, but often I have NO idea what he’s asking for. He is getting better about being able to “show mommy” what he’s talking about. He recently learned the word “feeners” (fingers) and tonight while riding the wheely bug, he stubbed his toe on something, and was fussing. I didn’t come “rescue” him so he finally came to me and bent down grabbing his toes and saying “Feeners” so I knew he hurt his toes, but had to laugh at them calling them fingers. He likes to say, “Oh man!” but it sounds more like “Aww, Meen.” Stu taught him the phrase “Cool beans” this week too, only when Qade says it it sounds like “Cold Meat” that is hysterical!
Myles on the other hand has also been practicing his voice. He has this high pitched squeal that he can “say” for quite a long time. He also has recently learned to ‘fake laugh’ and that cracks me up too. He also likes to just “talk” to us but doesn’t really use any consonants yet. It’s mostly “ah-ah-ah-ah” with an occasional “duh” thrown in. 🙂 It’s fun to talk to my monkeys. I remember thinking, before Qade was born, that it would be so cool to hear my child say “mommy” and it really has been amazing. I have a little person, well 2 little people in my life and they love me, and now Qade has the ability to tell me so. At bed time he’ll pop his thumb out and whisper, “low you. Nigh-night.” Oh… just melts my heart every day.
So anyway I have an enormous list of “to do’s” for myself tomorrow. Not the least of which is making cinnamon rolls and some Hawaiian bread to share with special friends! 🙂 Woo-Hoo!!!

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