A Shopping I will go

Today I did some summer shopping, though the weather seemed hardly in the mood! It was blustery and cold all day, it even threatened to rain, but I don’t think any of us parched Arizona people would mind that! Still I went, and saw, and conquered! You all probably know that I am NOT the queen of shopping. In fact the least I can do of it the better in my mind. It’s even worse when it comes down to shopping for clothing for myself. I have a hard time. So today the goal was to find some clothes for summer since all of my pre-baby clothes have seemingly vanished, and even if they hadn’t I’m not so confident I should wear them anyway! I had low expectations for what I would find today too. Not that I wasn’t hopeful, but trying to be realistic knowing my track record. 🙂 Well, I was pleasantly surprised and elated when I managed to find 4 or 5 tops (can’t remember how many now) and some capris and a pair of jeans (on sale!)!!! It was a successful shopping excursion to be sure! I’m so excited for the warm weather to arrive permanently so that I can actually put to use some of these things! Yay for me! Oh, and I might as well mention that all the shirts very neatly hide my muffin top, though I am still working on loosing it altogether! 😉 Hope you are all having as swell a weekend as I am. Toodles for now!

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