Not ready to be roomies

This is what I learned last night. Here I was, gung-ho mom, ready to conquer the challenge of getting the boys to sleep together. Maybe I was so gung ho about it because this in my mind was a way to help ME sleep better without a teeny roomy myself. Hmmmm…. Well selfish or not I decided to try it. It didn’t start out well at all. Myles, the first victim, did not seem to want to go to sleep in the crib in Qade’s room. I worked with him and eventually he gave up. Fast forward about 45 min when it’s time for Qade to hit the hay. I’m thinking that he’ll go down easily, he’s had a long day, blah blah blah. Oh-no, not this little nearly 2 year old! He starts up this HUGE fit with screams and all because, get this, the door was still open. What!?!? Finally he gets deposited, still screaming, into his bed, but by this time Myles is also screaming because he is not usually awakened so rudely. I work with Myles for awhile, and Stu works to calm Qade down, but it was all futile. Qade does eventually go to sleep, but Myles has started screaming SO hard that he’s practically choking! I’ve never heard him scream like that before. I finally cave in and give him his bottle early. I think that the reason he was so upset was because typically when he gets woke up at night it’s for me to give him that last bottle, so he didn’t understand why he was awake, by a screaming sibling no less, and then Mommy just sat there and wouldn’t give him a bottle. Poor little dude. By the time the drama and ordeal was all over, this momma was so wiped out that I put myself to bed as well. *sigh* So I think I’ve learned that when your kids ain’t ready, they AIN’T READY!! Myles will continue to be mine and Stu’s roomie till he’s eating solids regularly and can forgo the late night bottle. And that’s okay too!
This weekend past I got to meet my very own first ever niece!! Helen is such a cutie and so itty-bitty!! I had warned my bro that when he next saw Myles the boy would look like a monster baby to him compared to his own little one. It was true! Helen has a FULL head of dark brown hair, and dark eyes. She’s got a sweet little baby doll face, and I’m very happy I got to see her when she was “brand new.” She and her mommy seem to be getting along just fine, and the daddy has recouped well too. Now all we need to do is wrangle everyone into the same place at the same time for a family photo. 🙂 Your job, Mom. Hee hee!!
Hope y’all’s week is doing great things for you. I’m still a bit tired from my trip, but happy to be home!! Today I made some “King’s Hawaiian Bread” it is delicious!!! Numm-y!! I’ve decided that I LOVE bread baking as long as I can let the machine do the hard work! Today it mixed and kneaded the dough and then I split it up into loaves and baked it in the oven. Worked great! Tasted even better! Wish you could have some with me. Tood-a-loo!

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