Happy Birthday!

Today is the day I was going to get a new nephew. Josiah or Jo-Jo and Qade and I dubbed him. My Sis-in-Law Joy was 2 weeks overdue and we were all praying for the baby to come soon. Things worked out kind of different from planned, but today at 4am (ish) became the forever birthday of our newest family member. And in good ol Zahn surprise fashion our “Jo-Jo” ended up being Hellen Grace!!! 🙂 Yay! We have a girl baby now! I was thinking we would end up with all boys, but now the pressure is off, we have our little princes. (I have a feeling it’ll be all lads in our house!) James (my bro) has lost his heart, and is completely wrapped around those tiny fingers already. My other bro is in a fair way to be totally ga-ga as well. What is it about teeny-tiny girlies that does that? I was thinking about that today, and recalled to mind something that one of Stu’s professors had said about women being the “capstone” of creation. I think it must be true, if you only see a delivery room full of people turning to puddles over a scrap of feminine wiles. 🙂 So that’s my good news of the day, and I think it’s pretty awesome! Pray for my sis-in-law Joy as she recovers. It was a rough time for her, but she’s blissfully happy being a mommy! Hope you all are having a wonderful week! Ta.