Ahhhh Monday

For some reason it feels like a relief to get the weekend over with this go round. Strange feeling, probably because we’ve all been feeling cruddy, dunno. Qade seems to be feeling somewhat better, at least he’s not pushing on his ears. He HAS been very grumpy the last couple days though, dissolving into meltdowns at regular intervals. Hopefully today we can be a bit more “normal” and squelch that impulse somewhat. 🙂
Yesterday I felt like my eardrums were going to explode! It was not a fun day health wise, but we did have a good time at Stu’s grandparent’s church. Stu lead singing, while holding Qade. It was cute! I played piano, a stretch for me. I’m way too self conscious about things like that. I never learned hymn playing in all the years I took piano, even though that was mainly what I wanted to learn for. It’s hard to come by teachers who know how to do that let alone how to teach it. So I’ve tried to pick up some tips about it over the years on my own, but I still feel like a dancer with 2 left feet when I try. It was good for me to get out of my comfort zone though, and I messed up plenty, but the congregation seemed happy to actually have some “music” to go along with their singing. It ended up being a blessing to them, and I learned a big lesson. I’m going to practice much more though! 🙂
Myles has a lingering cough today. I think that we’re all on the mend, it’s just a matter of getting all the way better. However the biting has commenced with my Littlest Love. :-/ Not good! I know he doesn’t understand, poor boy, because it’s okay for him to chomp on everything else that makes it to his mouth. Mommy doesn’t appreciate it much though, so I’ve been giving him a very firm “Don’t bite!” and a little flick on his cheek. It startles him and he cries (makes me feel bad) but I have to help him learn that it’s not okay. If not, he’ll be switching to bottles full time very fast!
I’m thinking about putting Qade back into his big-boy bed tonight. If that goes well and continues to go well for about a week, and IF Myles keep sleeping as well as he’s done the past few days then I think that they will become roomies soon! The sooner the better, I keep thinking. Qade will have to get used to hearing someone stirring sometimes in his room at night, but that shouldn’t be too bad as Myles has been sleeping solidly through till 6 or 7ish. Here’s hoping!
Well, you all have a fantastic Monday!

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