Sniff, sniff, cough, cough, waaaaa-chooooo!

Those are the sounds reverberating around our house the past few days. Ugh! We picked up a dreadful cold somewhere along the way, and shared it with little Aiden too, poor boy! Course how can you keep drooling toddlers from sharing germs?? Anyway, the boys have been somewhat miserable, and now their mommy is too! I have a sinus headache, and my nose is a constant drip, not that you needed that information. 😉 I did learn this morning that hot oatmeal feels really good on a sore throat! Ha! Qade was a pretty sad case last night. I got him all ready for bed including putting vapor rub on his feet, because he insisted. It’s funny the things they remember! And he went to sleep easily enough, but woke up very upset an hour later. I rocked and rocked him, and finally gave him some motrin. I figure if he was aching like I was, he needed something for it. He eventually relaxed and slept fine the rest of the night. Littlest Love has been coughing some too, and I hate that! It’s so awful that there’s NOTHING we can give them for it. Argh! I’m trying to avoid taking the boys to the doc, because they’ll just say, “They have a cold, blah blah blah” but if they aren’t on the mend by tomorrow morning I probably will try to take them just so we can get em in before the weekend. I get concerned about ear infections and strep, because you just can’t know when they are this little. Fortunately neither of them has had either yet, so at least they’re not prone.
Okay enough of sickness talk. I’ve been trying to figure out how many words Qade knows. I’m up to 100 and still thinking of more. I was just curious so I started writing down the words he says, kinda fun! He’s getting better about communicating what he really means too. The other day he had a “yucky nose” and he was pointing up to the top of the fridge where we keep some kleenex and saying “nose” over and over. It’s great because it helps me meet his needs better when he can help me figure out what it is he’s asking for. Qade was so excited when his Daddy came home from work yesterday! We went to the door to meet him, and Qade was dancing a little jig and said “Hi, Daddy” as soon as the door opened. 🙂 Up till just a couple days ago Stu was always “Da-Da” even though we would say Daddy to him, now he seems to be switching it up. I’ve been ‘mommy’ for quite some time.
Myles is having a grand time chewing on his toes these days. It’s SO funny to watch babies do that! I can’t imagine being able to be bend like that, and I’m pretty flexible. His bottom 2 teeth are all the way through now and very cute! 🙂 He loves chewing on the teethers we have. It’s interesting because I could never get Qade to chew on those when he was teething, but Myles has it down! He’s still not into the rolling over thing yet. He’s done it once on his own, well will the help of the gym, but he doesn’t seem in too much of a hurry to roll away. He’s so much more “chilled” than Qade. Bubba worked and worked at getting mobile and Myles would much rather smile and watch everyone else move around. 🙂 Cute boys! It’s fun to see the difference in their personalities. I know they’ll be great pals! Qade has to give Myles a kiss before he goes to nap or night-night. Love it!
Well, one lad is blissfully snoozing, and the other is in hysterics, so I’d better put him down too before we’re all grumpy. 😉 I know they need the extra sleep with not feeling good.. perhaps Mommy can get a nap in today as well. Ta ta for now friends. Check out the pics I posted on FB!

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