Happy Monday! I’m getting to this a little late so maybe it’ll be a Happy Tuesday for you. 🙂 We’ve had some interesting days round here! The boys have been under the weather, complete with cruddy cough for Qade. So Mommy has been trying to disinfect stuff and comfort little people as much as possible, but there’s only so much that you can do. They actually haven’t been too bad, but yesterday you could tell smiley Myles just wasn’t quite himself. 🙁 Today has been better though, and we even spent some time outside in the BEAUTIFUL sunny warm weather!
The boy’s cousin is here for a few days and it has been fun to watch them interact. Albeit they don’t always “play nice” but they are learning, and I think it’s good for them. Qade, since he’s been feeling icky, thinks that any time Aiden touches him, even to give him a toy, he should shriek as loud as possible and dissolve into tears and drool. (don’t know why those have to go together, must have something to do with his mouth as open as it can go- ha!) And they’ve both been learning how to “share” and play nicely. Aiden is learning how to be gentle around Myles and we mommies and Daddy are learning that kids sometimes just have to work it out, and sometimes need intervention. 🙂 Last night the cousins were both heading for a very early bed time due to massive amounts of meltdowns, but then, like magic, once they got their jammies on, they were the best of pals and played so nicely that they actually got to stay up late, because we adults were mesmerized by them, ha ha ha! This morning they were back “at it” but then when we were outside they played so well. It’s hard to figure out one year olds, I’m thinking. 🙂 Fortunately none of us are the “My kid is perfect, and your’s is the devil” type of parents so we’ve had a good time even if the monkeys have occasional issues. 😀
Qade has been back in his crib the last couple nights. He fell out of his toddler bed (not a far fall, just so you won’t be nervous) but went right back to bed with the help of his Dad. However because he hasn’t been feeling well and coughing, consequently waking himself up, I thought it better to put him back in the crib than to have to fight that stay-in-bed battle at this point. The other evening after he had been put soundly to sleep we played a game at the diningroom table and may have been a bit loud, who us? Anyway, as the rest of us were preparing for sleep, I hear this knocking at Qade’s door. Sure enough there he was, sippy in hand, waiting to greet the day. Too bad he didn’t realize it was still 11 hours away. 😉 He had even turned off his “noise” and his humidifier, things that he does after nap or in the morning. Funny funny boy. So that’s when he went back to the crib, without a fuss I might add. I think that I’ll stick him back in his bed once company is gone and we can be consistently on our routine.
Myles has been doing great, except for not feeling fun yesterday. He has 2 little teeth on bottom that he has been enjoying gnawing on things with. I think he’s still surprised when he hears a squeak out of a teether that he’s munching. It must be a strange sensation. 🙂 I put him in one of his 6 mo outfits last night (because Qade had emptied his drawer and I didn’t find them till bed time since he had tossed them all in the crib!) and I couldn’t get over what a big boy he’s getting to be! Of course the sleeper was too big on him, but he still looked very big in it. Sniff sniff! Teeth and big boy clothes, don’t know if I can take it! 😉
Well, I’m pretty sure this has been one of my most rambly post ever, so I’ll stop before I start to loose readers. 😉 Hope you are all having a wonderful day, and that your weather, if possible, can be as beautiful as ours! ta ta!