The Headache from…. well, nevermind

Hi friends! The last couple of days have been a blur to me. We woke up at 4am on Wednesday, with the help of Myles, and hit the road by 5:15. Stu was heading down to Phoenix on camp biz and we were all tagging along. However, due to strange circumstances we ended up going to his parent’s house first, ahhhh nice place to hang out. Then Stu was to go to the city and get stuff done while me and the lads hung out with the grandparents, Tiff and Aiden. Stu would come back for us when he had gathered all the craigslist stuff. It seemed like the perfect plan, but something went dreadfully wrong. My head was aching, not in an unusual way, from the early morning and drive and such, but I didn’t think too much of it at first. Unfortunately headaches have been a part of my life from a very early age. THIS one however proved to be of a different vein. It didn’t respond in the least to the extra strength Tylenol that I took and continued to get progressively worse as the hours went by. I tried just about everything that I’ve had success with in the past. At one point I was resting quietly for a bit, and it started to ease a little. BUT when you’re a mommy of two baby boys, it’s pretty much impossible to rest when they are not. Myles needed to eat so I was up again. It went downhill fast from there, and quiet honestly I can’t remember things well from it. I can say that I have not had a migraine that bad since I was pregnant with Qade. (Well, there was one this summer in Canada that was pretty close too..hmm) The distance between them doesn’t make up for their existence however. I’d much rather it hadn’t happened, and would be perfectly happy if it didn’t happen again. Anyway, during all of this Stu was driving all over Phoenix, but not as quickly as he anticipated, so it was going to end up very late before he was back. I was pretty desperate by the time he called at 6pm so I called him back in tears, as if that would help anything, poor guy. But I have to say that I have the best inlaws, and sis-in-law in the world! Tiff and Ina helped so much with the boys, and Duane pressed on my head to help the tension, it really helped too!! Wow! And to top it all off, they gave me their big comfy bed for the night and slept on an air mattress. I felt pretty guilty about that, but appreciated it more than words can say! Me and the lads all went to bed at 7 and I even fell asleep pretty fast. Stu ended up having to stay in the city overnight because he was totally wiped out. I wanted him with me so badly during the day, but his family took good care of me, and I felt so much better the next morning. If you’ve any experience with those headaches, you know that the next day you feel pretty wiped out too, but at least the unbearable pain is gone. Here’s a little perspective, I’ve had 2 babies, and would rather give birth ANY day than have a migraine!!! Ugh! But it’s over, and hopefully won’t be back for a LONG time, maybe never! 🙂 Hey I can hope, right?
Well, we’re home now, and all comfy to be back! Stu’s fam will be coming back this way on Saturday and I’ll hopefully be a little more human while they’re here! I’m planning on making those delicious cinnamon rolls for them while they’re here! Nummmmmmm-mmmmyyyyyyyy! Have a great weekend!

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